Boho Wedding Feature | Cornwall Today May 2016

Roo's May 2016 Fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine

Words by Roo Cross

Roo's Beach Cornwall Today Boho Wedding FeatureWedding season is creeping up on us. I know this, as I keep having customers in the shop telling me they have five or six weddings this summer, and what on earth should they wear to them all without spending a fortune? I remember those summers clearly when I was in my late twenties and early thirties – such happy, exciting occasions, and always such a great excuse for a new frock! In my day, everyone wore hats too, so that was another dimension that needed to be sourced. I got round this by undertaking an evening course in millinery and making some extraordinarily large creations - think Four Weddings And A Funeral.

My advice to those of you who are looking for one or multiple wedding outfits is to buy a few key pieces which are timeless and add to them. In the words of Kate Phelan, the creative director of Topshop: “If you start with a very classic approach to your clothes, you can add anything flamboyant after that.”

Think about ‘cost per wear’ when you’re buying wedding outfits – buy something you know you’ll wear again, like a well-fitting summer dress, simple and casual that you feel great in. Dress it up with shoes and accessories, and have fun with it to create the ‘wow’ factor, knowing that afterwards, you can still wear it out to the pub with a denim jacket and flip-flops.

There’s a lesson here for everyone, even if you’re not attending a wedding. One of my favourite rants is that people will go out and spend hundreds of pounds on an outfit for a wedding which they’ll wear maybe once, twice or at a push three times. It will then sit in their wardrobe for years, eventually making it to the Oxfam pile a decade later. Yet when I try and convince them to spend a third of this cost on a really fantastic fitting pair of jeans, they can’t justify the expense, even though this is an everyday item, a wardrobe staple and therefore an item worthy of investment in my opinion.

Boho wedding outfit ideas – Somedays Lovin Duster Crochet Kimono with Penelope Chilvers Jude Sandals

There are so many beautiful kimonos out there and they are just perfect to dress up any outfit. I have a gorgeous black and cream crochet poncho that I bought last summer for a wedding; I paired it with floral wide-legged trousers and a simple black camisole.
It was a perfect balance: comfortable, easy to wear and above all, frivolous! I’ve worn the trousers and top to death, and know that the poncho is in my wardrobe ready to adorn a simple black dress or be trailed through the mud with denim shorts and wellies at Glastonbury!

Marie Sixtine Cameron Pink Palm Dress

You know where we are if you need help choosing outfits – just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to oblige.

For further style advice, check out Roo's monthly Fashion feature in Cornwall Today. Coming up next...How To Dress for a Cornish Summer

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