Dress Fit for Royals | Cornwall Today May 2018

A Dress Fit For Royals | Cornwall Today May 2018Have you heard there’s a Royal Wedding on the way? Exciting times!

It’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds and whether Meghan, with her Californian heritage, brings an understated cool and relaxed vibe to proceedings. Also Harry, with his hipster beard, brings a certain relaxed cool to the Royal Family. As such, it can’t be as pompous as previous occasions; maybe the establishment will unbutton a little, go a bit left-field?

Everyone loves a wedding. We all go out and spend hundreds on an outfit we’d never usually wear, complete with special shoes, matching bag, an odd hat thing, an unfamiliar hairstyle and, to top it all, bright pink lipstick for the first time ever! We then feel vaguely uncomfortable and not really ourselves all day, and long to get back into jeans. Does all this sound familiar?

Well, how about just not doing that? Check out these wise words from fashion bible Vogue: “Stick to your own style. There’s no need to succumb to the peculiar form of wedding panic that dictates overblown florals and cupcake colours. If you always wear black, go ahead; just make sure your accessories are zingy. And if you decide to wear florals, toughen them up with metallic jewellery or a fierce pair of shoes.”

It’s so true. Stick with what you love and embellish, buy something you can wear again without heels and a clutch, keep it easy and, above all, look like you rather than a version of you.

Model wearing the Ottod'Ame Bell Bottom Floral Dress

When faced with an occasion like a wedding or smart dinner, I tend to rebel just a little. I’ve never been very good at towing the line and being told what to do. I’ll take the boho route, which feels so much more comfortable and so much more me: a flowing jumpsuit with a crochet kimono over the top; a long, flowing black dress with layers of gold and silver necklaces and large hoop earrings; heavy black eyeliner and coral lips. NB: it’s important to not overdo this look for fear of resembling an extra from Pirates Of The Caribbean!

Lifestyle shot of the Penelope Chilvers Flame Red Suede Mid Heel Clogs

If you’re feeling brave enough go for a showstopper, make it all about the dress. Little else is needed. Keep hair and make-up soft and subtle. This stunning floral maxi, so feminine and beautifully cut, is a statement on its own and can be worn with flip-flops or beautiful flame red clogs. Go on, make heads turn and have some fun with it.

Model wearing the Free People Girl Like You Black Slip Dress

A dress for Royalty | Cornwall Today May 2018

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