And it was all Yellow | Cornwall Today November 2016

Roo's November 2016 Fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine: Words by Roo Cross

And it was all yellow – Roo's Beach article in Cornwall Today November 2016Autumn is now in full swing, the nights are drawing in, the light levels are low and we get spectacular early morning and later afternoon skies. The air is fresh and the beaches are empty, the surf has returned and there are far too many handsome surfers swanning around looking very pleased with themselves - one of the perks of living by the coast!! I find myself morphing from Summer to Winter, phasing out my brights and slowly replacing them with slightly more subdued tones and warmer hues. I still think however much I long to live in a hot country I’d miss the changes of the seasons and with it the excitement and fashion possibilities it brings with it. So my focus now is on knitwear, key pieces which can easily take me through the breezy mornings and ward off the early evening chill. I can’t bear feeling constricted by a jumper, it has to be free flowing, loose, flattering and most of all versatile. I love nothing more than a pair of skinny jeans, trainers and a fabulous oversized knit, such an easy look for everyday Autumn life. Those very stylish French designers at American Vintage have done it again and produced knitwear in great styles which tick all of the above boxes - there’s the BOO jumper which is oversized, long and flatters every shape, the BOO cardigan which has the perfect amount of slouch with a sense of ‘this old thing’ and then the VAC which is really like wearing a blanket but much more stylish - one size and super cool.

Penelope Chilvers Russet Lemon Safari Patchwork Boots

There is a wonderful palette of warm colours around and once again we find ourselves awash with yellow, as if we didn’t have enough in the summer months we now have a rich, ‘Colemans mustard’ yellow jumper, a warm, rich sunflower yellow cardigan, a zesty yellow floral shirt and the most beautiful saffron yellow coat, and to finish it off Penelope Chilvers has just delivered some boots with a palette of chestnut brown, metallic bright yellow and glittery gold, now that’s something to smile about over the long winter months! I love that we sell more yellow than any other boutique I know, it just shows that coastal living really does affect people's decisions.

And it was all yellow | Cornwall Today – Roo's Beach Fashion Feature Nov 2016


 Did I mention how well leopard print goes with yellow - you know it makes sense xx


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