Beach Days | Cornwall Today August 2016

Roo's July 2016 Fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine:
Words by Roo Cross

Beach Days | Cornwall Today August 2016The wait is almost over. Kids and parents are counting down the days until the long summer holidays are upon us: no more rushing for the school bus, nagging about homework and trying to remember which after-school activity is happening on which day at which time! Parents breathe a collective sigh of relief for pyjama days, lie-ins and a change in the daily schedule (for the kids at least), and fingers crossed for some sunshine.

I love the school holidays and the carefree lack of routine which they bring. As an essentially disorganised person, I rarely plan too much for this period. I think it’s one of the essential skills in life that kids learn to organise their own social lives and also, maybe, more importantly, learn how to amuse themselves and even how to be bored. Not every minute of every day needs to be filled, and it’s actually OK to spend a whole day just being.

This is a time to sit down and spend a whole morning painting your nails in rainbow colours, making intricately designed friendship bracelets, printing all your photos from the past year and putting them into albums, do a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle or just spend a whole day in bed reading a book from cover to cover.

Living on the coast, the thing we long for most is the arrival of wall to-wall sunshine, wind-free and hot – a rarity here in the UK. But we’ll have glimpses of days like these, and elements of all three at all times throughout the summer. I envy the organised, extended families who set up on the beach day in, day out, regardless of the weather; they’re here for the duration, prepared and fully enclosed behind a windbreak fortress. They arrive early in the day and pick the best spot, armed with all the correct equipment; trolley, reclining chairs, tents, cool box, barbeque, volleyball net, beach games, surfboards and wetsuits.

My beach days are somewhat different. Firstly, I never go to the beach unless I have guaranteed sunshine; then I need a carefully curated selection of my favourite pieces to give me an aesthetically pleasing set-up! The foundation is always beautiful textiles: a bright, colourful throw topped with one of the Roo’s Beach towels. My personal favourite is Chevron Haze – a soft palette of sherbet pastels with pale lemon cotton fringing.

Beach Days | Cornwall Today August 2016

I always take my Sunnylife beach radio. It’s a genius product, doubling up as a waterproof, sandproof speaker to house my mobile so I can play my favourite summer playlist and keep my phone sand-free. Then there’s Paul and Joe’s bubblegum pink sun protection spray to ensure a deep, even tan without burning; Korres hair protection mist to avoid bleached, dry hair; and of course, freshly painted fingers and toes in either Starfish, Sunday Session or Endless Summer.

As I write, St Swithin’s Day (July 15) is on the horizon with its promise of 40 days of sunshine or 40 days of rain. I for one have all my fingers and toes crossed. Whatever the weather enjoy the holidays and surround yourselves with colour, print and, above all, a decent windbreak!

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