Bring On The Glitter! | Cornwall Today December 2016

Roo's December 2016 Fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine: Words by Roo Cross


Bring on the glitter! Cornwall Today December 2016 articleBring on the glitter!!!

Halloween is firmly behind us and the bonfires have been put out, the dogs can finally relax after a precarious week of neurotic barking with every distant ‘bang’. Finally, we can legitimately and publicly announce that Christmas is indeed on its merry way - and not at a slow, leisurely pace, but it’s gathering momentum daily, the countdown has well and truly began!

With the exception of my father who really should have been called the ‘Grinch’, most people love Christmas. It’s the one time of the year that we can all indulge in together, it gathers memories from past years, reunites families, brings together Aunties and cousins and gives us all an excuse to spoil ourselves. Christmas should be about fun and love. All the generations, looking out for each other with compromise and giving. Love Actually, for me, is the ultimate Christmas movie. Rowan Atkinson’s brilliant scene of gift wrapping in Harrods is pure genius, I giggle to myself every time I offer to gift wrap something in the shop in the lead up to Christmas - ‘it’ll be a mere matter of moments’, if you haven’t watched it, make sure you do.

With the countdown well and truly in place, amongst the planning lists is the ‘what to wear over Christmas’ dilemma. Christmas parties, casual drinks in the pub, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day, Boxing Day walk to the pub and onto New Year's Eve. I increasingly try to pair down the number of decisions I need to make in life and therefore if I can buy a few key pieces to update favourite outfits in a mix and match sort of way then I’ve nailed it. At the shop in Porth we've recently received THE most delicious gold, glitter trainers from the very talented Rose Rankin, they are the dream and will be the foundation of my entire Christmas wardrobe. I’m thinking -

1. Gold trainers, jeans, slouchy jumper. (pub)
2. Gold trainers, little black dress, black opaque tights, Leopard print fur coat (party)
3. Gold trainers, pinstripe trousers, silk shirt, fine knit jumper. (Christmas Day)
4. Gold trainers, baggy sweatshirt, jeans, oversized wool scarf. (Boxing Day)

The ideal Christmas outfit – featuring brands Rose Rankin, BeckSondergaard and Custommade

Featured products: Rose Rankin Glitter Coney Low Top Trainers | BeckSondergaard Granny Purses | Custommade Wadha Animal Print Silk ShirtCustommade Tordis Black Cord Skirt 

Find your star piece and build outfits around it, embrace the items you love and re-invent them, give them a new lease of life by re-styling them and updating them. I often need to own something for several months maybe even a year or two before I truly get to grips with how to wear it, it can take trial and error to find a certain look and needs perseverance. It’s important to feel glamorous, comfortable and special over Christmas so take some time out of all the manic list making, present buying and food shopping to think about you. Make a little plan and put together your festive capsule wardrobe, you’ll thank me for it afterwards!!

Bellerose Valea Smoky Wool Coat with a cosy faux fur neckline available from Roo's Beach UK

Featured product: Bellerose Valea Smoky Wool Coat

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