I declare that spring is here | Cornwall Today April 2018

Spring is here | Cornwall Today April 2018 I officially declare that spring is here! My colleague Bex and I recently went to a talk and workshop run by Zoe, who blogs under the title of Dress Like A Mum. She’s got infectious, positive energy and doesn’t take life too seriously, which I think is an enviable quality and one that I am channelling. She was coaching us on how to be photographed. Most people hate having their photo taken; we generally make a fuss, don’t know what to do with our hands, look away, I try and replicate the pout my 15-year-old has perfected on Instagram – on me, it looks ridiculous! Zoe’s advice was: “Stand tall, look directly at the camera, smile and commit.” We did, and I liked the result: I looked confident, assured, positive and happy.

I’d like us all to take the same approach to spring fashion. Let’s just commit, stand tall and get on with it, with enthusiasm, excitement and no looking back. Fashion should make us happy, bringing a smile to our faces and getting us excited. You can take it slowly - I’m not advocating jumping straight into dresses and sun tops with full exposure of pale legs and arms. Start with a pretty pastel knit which may just slip off one shoulder to get you used to having some flesh exposed. How about replacing black socks for gorgeous floral ones, just glimpsed between the bottom of your jeans and your shoes? Put away dark denim for a few months and invest in a pale pair of jeans, so pretty paired with a yellow jumper, the perfect nod to spring.

Hartford Makeup Sun Yellow Jumper

I can’t tell you how many people come into the shop and say they can’t wear yellow. You can; you just need to find the right shade for you. It’s the perfect colour for now, radiating light, sunshine and happiness. It can’t fail to lift your mood and make others smile. Clarks Originals have just sent us these utterly gorgeous Ashton shoes; they mould to your foot, are as comfy as slippers and have a wonderful 1970s’ nostalgic vibe. They make even my huge size 8 feet feel rather dainty and feminine!

Clarks Originals Ashton Yellow Nubuck Shoes

Finally, to help you make the transition, invest in a small bottle of St Tropez Whipped Mousse - the best fake tan I’ve ever used. You only need a tiny pump of this dark brown foam. Smooth it all over a clean face, making sure you blend it into your hairline and neck. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap afterwards. The result is a wonderful,sun-kissed glow within an hour. Use it a couple of times a week, stand tall, look straight ahead, smile and commit.

I declare that spring is here | Cornwall Today April 2018

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