It's all in the detail | Cornwall Today September 2016

Roo's September 2016 Fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine:
Words by Roo Cross

It's all in the detailsSo ‘summer’ is here, as I write. Well, it’s here in fits and starts, and I would argue more fits than starts. But nevertheless, we have seen that yellow ball in the sky more than once and when it shines brightly, it certainly makes us all smile!

I always struggle in August, as in my mind this is the month when we really should have wall-to-wall sunshine, blue skies, wind-free, textbook sunshine-filled days. Sadly, the summer of 76 is still a one-off and yet I do still remember my mother saving bath water for the plants and feeling like we were permanently living in
the south of France.

We’ve just come back from the inspirational Port Eliot Festival at St Germans. It’s a true refl ection of British creativity and eccentricity at its very best, a real celebration of freedom of expression and a coming together of all ages and walks of life. We saw so many stylish and beautiful people pass by our vintage caravan, expressing a real individual sense of their own fashion: fl owing skirts, extravagent kimonos, head dresses, oversized hats and all manner of footwear.

I realise a festival is the perfect environment to really experiment and be daring; one lady who visited our stand was wearing a full length flamenco dress just because it was the only weekend of the year that she felt she could. Good on her! It was truly liberating to be out of our little bubble, covered in glitter, with hair feathers and a good dose of crochet. Having been immersed in all this gorgeousness all weekend I arrived back at the shop on Tuesday with a true sense of excitement for the season ahead.

August and September are the in-between months; the weather can go either way, and everywhere around us there are references to winter coats. Should we be wearing 1980s’ shoulder pads or purple velvet this winter? It’s hard to say when it’s still beach weather!



It's all in the detail | Cornwall Today September 2016
The best way to dip your toe into a new season is to just dabble. Look out for exciting additions to your current wardrobe which can update it, add some pizzazz to an old favourite, and raise some eyebrows at the school gates when you return fresh-faced and looking rather glamorous for a Monday morning in September!

We have a stunning new shoe brand called Rose Rankin that has just arrived in store, which is exactly what I’m talking about: leather trainers with little clever touches of metallic pink or glitter or gold. They are a luxury, but the attention to detail is so perfect that they’re well worth the price tag. They are so individual – as you go about your daily life, you can just throw them on with a favourite pair of jeans and knit to make a very subtle statement that will make you smile.

Ease your way into autumn – whether we like it or not, it’s just around the corner.

For further style advice check out Roo's monthly Fashion feature in Cornwall Today. Coming up next month…Lilac, soft pink and just a hint of leopard!


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