Roo's March 2018 Fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine: Words by Roo Cross

Pretty In Pink, Roo's March 2018 feature in Cornwall Today MagazineMy favourite Brat Pack movie, released in 1986, has to be Pretty In Pink. I was obsessed with it in the heady heights of my teenage years, and in love with Molly Ringwald. It epitomises the Eighties for me, and I love it that my girls sit and watch it now.

Pink is such a seemingly emotive colour. It defines little girls (rightly or wrongly), and is a marketeer’s dream. I’ve always loved pink in every shade; back then, I wore it bright, paired with black and a slick of magenta sparkly lipstick; in the ‘90s, it was neon.

Then I had a break from pink. First I became a student and wore black, oversized, androgynous clothes with clumpy DMs and enormous jumpers; then I went travelling and wore far too much batik, followed by a ‘grown-up’ phase in advertising, flouncing about in very short skirts, high heels and jackets – oh, Lord!

Having a son first and then a daughter, I just couldn’t wait to buy pink for her: little accents paired with denim pinafores, perfect Baby Gap mini-jumpers and Zara baby leggings. But as soon as Molly had an opinion, she dictated what she wore and pink was never on her agenda. She was a tomboy through and through, and stomped around in her brother’s Batman outfit and heavy boots. She was determined and headstrong, with a killer sense of humour from the start - she still is!

Betsy came along three years later, a gorgeous bundle of crazy, blonde curls. The opposite of Molly, she let me indulge my inner love of girliness, never happier than when dressed as a fairy, princess or generally clad head-to-toe in pink. She wore wings and leopard ears on a daily basis, and sparkly, ridiculously expensive Lelli Kelly shoes. How funny that two siblings can be so different. Now in their late teens, they are peas in a pod. Molly is entering the student phase with so much more style and confidence than I had, and Betsy is, quite frankly, a force to behold!

Model wearing the American Vintage Zapitown Pink Melange Jumper

As we emerge from a rather dull winter, I find myself surrounded by shades of pink and I realise how much I’m warming to this colour once again. Its softness and femininity make it so easy to wear – you just need to find the right shade. Steer away from anything too blue, too bright or too blancmange. Say no to slogans and bold pink prints, and just wear it in its natural, pared down, soft and warming way. Try a deliciously cuddly pink jumper worn with pale denim and a simple grey T-shirt underneath, or an oversized, unstructured cardigan to give you a pale, soft, pink hug on the coldest, dreariest pre-spring day. Let yourself remember how good it is. Revisit, feel feminine and pretty - it’ll put a smile on your face. Molly turns 19 next week and I’ve just ordered her the most gorgeous pair of pink trainers. I think she’s going to love them! 


Featured pieces:
American Vintage Zapitown Pink Melange Jumper
American Vintage Dew Pink Vacaville Cardigan  

Model wearing the American Vintage Dew Pink Vacaville Cardigan

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