Push The Boundaries | Cornwall Today April 2016

Roo's May 2016 Fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine
Words by Roo Cross

Push The Boundaries | Cornwall Today April 2016As we grow older, we tend to become more set in our ways. We know what we like and what suits us and feel a certain sense of comfort in this knowledge. A hairstyle becomes the same from one cut to the next, maybe an inch shorter here or there. The same goes for our homes: gone are the days of the bright pink ‘signature wall’, the statement wallpaper or the boldly printed bed linen, all replaced by carefully selected, complementary shades to enhance balance and calm.

This all makes perfect sense. Most individuals go through experimental stages in their late teens and twenties. With age, we settle into a period of establishment, composure and comfort, developing a true sense of self. I should say, in case a few outraged readers are shouting at me, that this is obviously a vast generalisation, and varies from person to person.

What I’m really getting at is that we mustn’t settle into a rut just because we’re getting older. Of course, it’s important to find one’s own personal style, and I for one feel I have the best sense of my own look in my late forties than I’ve ever had. I love knowing what shapes and colours suit me. However, I also feel it’s important to challenge this and inject a margin of risk, excitement and daring into my wardrobe.

Fashion should be fun and is so accessible to everyone at whatever level they choose to indulge in. Make a statement with a bright pink lipstick, a loud jumper or a pair of yellow cow-print ankle boots. It really doesn’t matter what, as long as it makes you smile, makes other people notice you and, above all, adds a frisson of excitement to your week.

I make a beeline for anything with fur, sequins, fringing, glitter, a bright print or metallic finish, not forgetting my number one love: leopard print! I have to be so careful when putting outfits together and have learnt over the years that less is more. However, one of my very good friends is a real advocate of black, grey and beige. Don’t get me wrong, she wears it all very well, but recently I persuaded her to inject little glimpses of colour and print into her wardrobe. I’m pleased to report that a pair of Penelope Chilvers cow-print boots are now her firmest favourites.

Push The Boundaries | Cornwall Today April 2016

Be a little daring this spring – or a lot! Push your boundaries and don’t be afraid to experiment and play. If you need help we’re more than happy to advise – why not come along to our first ever fashion show, at the gorgeous Bedruthan Steps Hotel on April 15. We’ll be showcasing our spring/summer collections, with cocktails, dinner and hair feathers. 

For further style advice, check out Roo's monthly Fashion feature in Cornwall Today. Coming up next...Boho Wedding

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