Time To Expose Those Bingo Wings | Cornwall Today June 2017

Roo's June 2017 Fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine: Words by Roo Cross

Cornwall Today June 2017 Fashion One of the problems of living in a reasonably cold country that comes with long, wet winters as standard is that by the time spring and summer arrive, we have spent way too long hiding out in the comfort of several layers of long sleeves, slouchy jumpers, jeans, long socks, boots and scarves. I know I fully promote this style of dressing and almost always band on about the basic fashion principles of 'layering', but when the moment comes for the big unveil, I also know that many of us are, quite frankly, terrified!
   Of course, there are those who have a huge amount of self-discipline and personal drive - who never let the months of being covered up act as an excuse to eat more crisps, drink more gin and skip the gym. However, as much as I hate to say it, that isn't me. Give me a fireside G&T any day. Basically, I'm an on-off exerciser and have been all my life, ever since that first term at university when I put on three stone thanks to prints of lager and deep-fried Mars Bars at 3am...Living life to the full has meant that I've had to adopt an exercise regime to go with it, and this is always stopped up around this time of year in the knowledge that my limbs are about to be exposed. 
    It's running that works for me. I wouldn't say I love it, or that I'm particularly good at it, but it really does help me lose my winter weight. The truth is it's unbelievably painful to start with, not to mention rather unattractive as you gasp for air while lolling along, bright red in the face, wanting to trip up those gazelle-like runners who overtake with ease. However, trust me: it does get easier, and the only way to get running fit is to just keep going on short runs regularly while listening to a fantastic running playlist - one that makes you want to sing loudly and gets you up hills. (Head to the Roo's Beach blog if you want to hear my ultimate running playlist.)
    A tan also helps the confidence. I'm a BIG fan of St Tropez self-tanning mousse. It's just brilliant and gives an even, golden tan almost immediately. It's also easy to apply, doesn't streak and results in very little mess. A little goes a long way and will certainly help make exposing those body parts so much easier - just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after application, as brown palms are most definitely a no-no.

Roo's Beach Crochet Kimono

   Finally, a little clever dressing and you're good to go. A crochet kimono is the thing we all need in our wardrobes for such occasions. Pretty, boho, stylish and feminine, it covers up the tops of your arms, detracts from your slightly too-tight bra strap, flowers and moves and adds a certain gorgeousness to any outfit. It's the perfect smokescreen, and no wardrobe is complete without one. Needless to say, I have three!

For further style advice, check out Roo's monthly Fashion feature in Cornwall Today magazine. Coming up next month...You've never too old for dungarees.
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