Trainers The New 'Choos'? | Cornwall Today May 2017

Roo's May 2017 fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine: Words by Roo Cross.

Cornwall Today May 2017 New Choos Fashion Article Roo Cross   I remember well the rise of the Jimmy Choos. Those sky-high heels, seen on celebrities and supermodels, were rapidly copied by every shoe brand on the high street. I'd like to have owned a pair, even if they just sat in their box, only to be admired from time to time.
   Truth is, I'm not really much of a heel wearer and slightly envy friends who seem totally at home in a pair os they do about their daily business. Of course I own heels, but I always feel overdressed and like I'm trying too hard when I step into them, so my few treasured pairs from years back reside in boxes in my wardrobe. Typically, I can't quite bear to throw them out, as I never know when I'll need those ridiculously high, pony skin, leopard-print platforms!
   This spring, the fashion press has been full of references to the 1980s and '90s - shoulder pads, ruffles, flared sleeves, metallics and bows. These are decades close to my heart and filled with amazing memories, but as far as I'm concerned, they're better left as just that. Fine for my teenage daughters to experiment and cast a new eye on these well-trodden styles but, for me, my days of shoulder pads and pale lemon trouser suits are (thankfully) long gone.
   Interestingly with all these pistachio and lilac creations, the common footwear choice is not sky-high heels but trainers, which have become the new 'Choo' - the go-to choice for everyone from superstars to modern professionals, students to everyday school run mums.
   I love a good trainer and get as excited about them as I do any other piece of clothing, maybe even more so. The problem is that once you've fully converted to trainers, it's almost impossible to go back. There's such a fantastic choice of on the market too, something for everyone; and with the rise of the designer gym it, there are no whole concept stores full of them (this hasn't quite hit Cornwall yet, sadly).

Roo's Beach Perforated White Vans Trainers

   Apart from there being no staggering, awkward walking or blisters, making for a confident stride and a spring in the step (forgive the pun), I feel I can make a fashion statement wearing trainers. They instantly give an air of just throwing something together, in a rather understated, cool "Oh, this old thing? I just threw it on!" kind of way. If you haven't got yourself a pair, then go out and do it now. You can't go wrong with Nike, although they are not for the faint-hearted; maybe it's best to start with less of a statement look, such as a good pair of Vans? We have a wonder off-white leather perforated pair that are as comfortable as slippers and will make you feel like a teenager again. 
    Trainers ARE the ultimate in paired down, casual stylishness - what's not to love?

For further style advice, check out Roo's monthly Fashion feature in Cornwall Today magazine. Coming up next month...Time to expose those bingo wings.

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