Wearable Hugs | Cornwall Today June 2018

Wearable Hugs | Cornwall Today June 2018As we approach high summer, our thoughts turn to long, hot evenings and bare, golden-brown limbs. Let’s pack away our knitwear, trainers and denim and unpack our summer wardrobe: wafty, tiny camisoles, pretty sun dresses, swimwear and bikinis.

I have a plethora of gorgeous printed sun-tops which I’ve collected over the years, each with its own specific happy memories of sunshine-filled days. They carry a real nostalgia with them, and I team them with aged Levi’s shorts in washed-out black and blue, frayed at the edges and perfectly worn. This is my summer uniform. My stepmother says I’m too old to wear short shorts, but I just ignore her – what does she know anyway?

I don’t think it matters what you wear, as long as you wear it with conviction and confidence – and not too tight. I wear my shorts two sizes bigger than my jeans, so they sit low on my hips – probably not very flattering on my bottom, but rather that than too tight on the thighs! With a little help from a trusty bottle of St Tropez whipped mousse – I absolutely swear by it, as it gives the most perfect even tan – I’m ready to hit the beach.

I love browsing through magazine sand seeing what’s hot each month. However, living in Cornwall, we do have to take the fashion editors’ top picks with a large pinch of salt, and give them a slight Cornish makeover. I mean, when do we really need a pastel blazer in everyday life here? (If I’m honest, I can’t actually see the need for one in anyone’s life, anywhere.) As for floor-length floral maxi dresses with ruffles – well, that’s just a ridiculous fashion that I can’t imagine anyone looks good in.

Lifestyle image of models wearing the Wildfox Tropicalia & Castaway Stripe Sweaters

What we do need, absolutely-definitely, in our lives on the Cornish coast is a fabulous sweatshirt. It’s a total summer essential, something we can throw on the moment the sun disappears and the sea mist rolls in,when the north-westerly winds blow across the beach and we emerge from a freezing-cold sea swim, when a floaty, pom-pom kaftan is simply useless.

Wildfox design and make the best sweatshirts I have ever worn – none of this slightly-too-tight, rigid fabric that so often represents this item of clothing. Wildfox have surpassed themselves this summer with an array of sweats so beautiful that I am in a flat spin of a dilemma as I want them all. Frankly, they’re just so good,I don’t even mind if I have to spend all summer engulfed in their cuddly warmth.

Wearable Hugs | Cornwall Today June 2018

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