You're Never Too Old For Dungarees | Cornwall Today July 2017

Roo's July 2017 fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine: Words by Roo Cross

Roo's Beach You're Never Too Old For Dungarees Cornwall Today July 207  This month sees us welcome to Roo's Beach what is possibly my favourite brand of all time: Free People from the USA. It's part of the super-successful Urban Outfitters trio that includes Anthropologie under its umbrella. I would say these three brands alone pretty much cater for every woman and, price point aside, I challenge you not to find your perfect wardrobe within one of their stores. In the UK, Free People is currently only available online and through a handful of selected retailers, so we're thrilled to be among them.
   For me, fashion has to be fun and exciting, but above all it needs to make you feel good. I know I'm at the obsessive end of the spectrum, and there are plenty of you who see clothing more as a functional, day-to-day necessity, which is totally fair enough as I do know I care just a little too much! However, one of the best parts of my job is to help convert the unconverted - to simplify and easy the decision making process in oder to excise that functional dresser.

   Firstly, we pre-select for you by wading through rails and rails of samples (it's a tough job, but someone has to do it). We choose only the items that we love; that we think will really work for our special, relaxed, coastal-living vibe; that will emulate casual cool, keep us feeling young, just a little bit frivolous and, most importantly, make us feel happy, comfortable and gorgeous.

   I get such a huge sense of satisfaction when I see a women exit Roo's Beach with all these boxes ticked - perhaps in her forties, fifties or sixties, and walking out with an oversized, floral Free People sweatshirt: pretty, feminine, just a little bit sexy in a slouchy off-the-shoulder sort of way, and every-so-slightly pushing that comfort zone. Were often asked: "Am I too old for this?" We answer, truthfully: "Of course not, you look amazing!"

Roo's Beach Dr Denim Vilde Dungarees

   This brings me onto dungarees. Every season, I search for the perfect pair, and this year, I found them. They really are perfect in every day, so perfect that rather annoyingly, they sold out in record time and, in that very British way, I didn't allow myself a pair. However, that has now been rectified after I bought a pair from the brand direct. I walked into the kitchen on Friday and my 18-year-old daughter said: "Mum, you look cool!" OMG! Grinning from eat to ear, I asked her if I looked cooler than Bex (my uber-cool work colleague who is significantly younger than me). "Not cooler, but as cool." I'll take that!

   BTW - they'll be back in stock soon, so keep an eye on the website as they don't hang around for long!

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