Why we love Washi Tape

Have you heard of Washi Tape? It's from Japan and our favourite new addiction. It's colourful masking tape, which we have been using to turn everyday boring objects into bright and colourful ones.
The washi tapes are a small price for a lot of pretty.

Here's one of the projects we could not resist designing - a Washi tape frame wall.

The DIY instructions to make your own here.

We sell the original quality brand, MT Washi Tape.
To shop all the Washi tapes, click here. 


Materials needed: Washi tape, scissors and photo's, posters or prints that you want to frame.
We use Blu Tac to attach the photo's to the wall.

Start with the middle frame and work outwards from there. You can either tear the ends of the washi tape for a rugged look or cut them to make straight edges. We chose for a variety of different styles of washi tape frames.

This is our surf-inspired washi tape wall!

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