Introducing Levi's Made and Crafted

Levi's Made and Crafted at Roo's Beach UK
"I first came across Levi's Made and Crafted two summers ago at a shop in London. I was instantly attracted by the choice of fabrics, the simple, classic yet fashion-led designs and strong colours.

The jeans are so well made, in fact, I've never tried on a pair that fit so well. I knew we'd have to have them as part of our collection."

"My friend Izzy came in and tried on a pair out of the box last week - she ran a jeans shop for ten years - and said it was the best fitting pair she's ever tried on. Needless to say, she is now the owner of that pair. (and I expect she'll be back for more)." - Roo


Launched in 2009, Levi’s Made & Crafted is a premium line from the iconic denim manufacturer. Taking inspiration from Levi’s workwear heritage, the design team update it with inspired contemporary cuts, refined details and high-quality materials.

For the Spring/Summer 2014 season, they were inspired by the word “surf” (how appropriate) and the phrase “where the sky and the ocean meet.”

Featuring colourful, beach-inspired hues like coral, aqua and sun yellow, the collection uses processes that mimic sun fade effects and treatments that reflect the sun, sand and saltwater effects on denim.
About Levi's Made and Crafted:

• Made from the finest materials and fabrics

• Every garment is cut, sewn and finished using the best methods available. Some items take a few days to make. But it’s these extra steps that ensure the inside is as beautiful as the outside.

• The buttons are made from compressed cotton, bone and wood

• The Levi’s “Arcuate” is stitched on the pocket–gradually appearing with wear

• Real indigo and other natural dyes are used

• The best fitting jeans for women

• All denim is carefully hand finished by the best laundries in the world
This is Levi’s. They invented the denim game and are proving to still be the best at it.

Soon available online and in Store at Roo's Beach

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