New:: T A L L O W G A L L E R Y.

Tallow is a contemporary women's brand which embraces the exquisiteness, grace and vitality of female surfing -  A celebration of surfing as a pass time, a culture and an expression of self.

Tallow pays tribute to the birth of surfing as a culture, when surfer's ruled the waves and brought surfing's message of freedom and individuality out of the water and showcased it to the world. With Tallow, community is back, the beach is an all-day affair which carries long into the night and surfing's influence exists far beyond the sand and water.

The product is a unique collection of swimwear,  wetsuits, apparel and accessories (which carries with it a distinct sophistication and authenticity to the core, designed for functionality, practicality and relevance). The artwork is commissioned by an eclectic stable of local and international artists, who have impacted surfing or it's surrounds through their creative expressions both in and out of the water.


Tallow is created by two free-spirited and like-minded souls, Ali Mandalis and Shannon Clynes, and together they present an authentic brand that is respectful to the past, confident in the future and destined to establish an influential role in the progression of surfing in modern culture.

We love the Summer 2014 collection, which suitably includes pineapples. Pineapples on swimwear and tops can only be a good thing. 

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