Interview: Emma Adams // Professional Model & Surfer


You’ve probably seen our lovely swimwear model Emma by now. She had a career as surfer and professional model. Now, mum of two, she's settled back in her home region of Cornwall.

We caught up with this inspiring lady for a few questions…

Emma, How did you get into surfing?

“I started surfing when I was a child, probably about 8 years old. My dad has always surfed so our weekends and family holidays were spent surfing together which was lovely, I feel really at home in the surf. When I was a teenager I discovered longboarding and fell in love with how graceful and feminine it was.”

As a mum, how has family life effected surfing?

"Now that I have my 2 children I don't get to surf quite as often as before but it does mean that when I do get to go in I appreciate it more than ever."

You’ve had a fabulous surfing and modelling career… tell us briefly about what you’ve done?

"When I was about 16 I started competing in Longboard contests but to be quite honest I never really enjoyed competitions very much, for me it took away the relaxing element of surfing, so once my modelling career took off in my early twenties I just concentrated on enjoying free surfing. When I was 22 I started modelling full time which really was my dream. I spent the next few years traveling all over the world working as a model, it took me to places such as the Maldives, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Botswana, Zambia, Argentina, Australia, Caribbean and all over Europe. I did a lot of work for Surf brands so my surf board nearly always came with me! I don't travel so much for work now because I want to be at home for my young children but I am loving going back to doing some modelling again, it is just the best job in the world!"




What is your best traveling memory?


"My favourite traveling memory would have to be traveling through the Okavango Delta in Botswana. I was on a photo shoot for Fat Face and we were camping in the wilderness with elephants and Lions all around us, we finished our trip at the Victoria falls in Zambia, it was just incredible."


That soundsamazing! So, having seen the world’s best stretches of sand, what is your favourite beach?

"My favourite beach is Crantock beach here in Cornwall, it just has everything, its so beautiful, there is fun surf and it has the Gannel estuary where I go for evening SUP sessions with my friends in the summer. It is my kids favourite

 beach too!"

Have you got any travel plans?

"My husband travels alot in his job as a Pro surfer so it is great when we 

all get to go away together, we are planing to go to the South west of France sometime this summer and in the winter we will escape somewhere to find some warmer waves."


Which of the bikini’s that you modelled was your favourite?

"When it came to choosing one of the bikinis from Roo’s Beach it took me ages to decide, I loved them all! But in the end I chose the floral Banana Moon bandeau, it just fitted me so well and I loved the unusual shape of the bottoms, they are a really flattering shape."

Thanks to the lovely Emma. 


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