Port Eliot Festival - a review

A truly gorgeous event right on our doorstep, The Port Eliot festival was a glorious affair, once again.  

There was a bit of everything you could wish for. The wardrobe department, a curious mix of colour and pattern and beautiful people, all set within the walled garden. The Flower Appreciation Society made stunning Floral headdresses leaving non-wearers envious. We managed to queue for 20 minutes and our heads where adorned in the most gorgeous flowers, which invited comments from literally dozens of people on lovely they looked.



Barbara Hulanicki, Stephen Jones, Catherine St Germans and Ed Marler judging a fashion show in the Wardrobe Department.
Picture credit: Fiona Campbell


For foodies there where a host of delicious chefs holding talks. We only managed to catch the young Jack Stein, following in the footsteps of his father. Gorgeous food on offer too, with food stands like Moro and the Fortnum & Mason pop-up restaurant.
There was so much to do, just not enough time to do it all!

Comedy was well-represented at the festival. We heard the Kernow King did a wicked gig. Personally, I enjoyed Luke Wright, the satirical poet. We caught his show Essex Lion. 

A true family affair, the Hullabaloo area for kids, hosted by the Rogue Theatre, was whimsical, surprising and hard to leave at all if you have anyone under the age of 7 by your side. 

Luckily, the Kitscher-than-kitsch cocktail ladies were located right near the entrance, where we caught many a parent sneaking out to grab a glitter-topped refreshment. 

I haven't even mentioned the music! Port Eliot doesn't host 'big' bands, but makes up for it in the dedicated choice of really good up and coming, established, niche or underground artists that just know how to do their thing and put a smile on your face.  Acts like SlowClub, Alexia Coley and DJ Don Letts were all so different, and all perfect.



Thank you, Port Eliot. Until next year. 

x Michele 

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