Vans Artist - Emily Hamilton // Illustrator Extraordinaire

The lovely, talented Emily Hamilton will be customising white Authentic Vans shoes at our Vans Artist Event evening at the Porth Shop on September 11th, 2014. 

Emily Hamilton is an amazing illustrator, a surfer and generally a lovely person. She works from a caravan in the backyard of her eclectic home in Croyde, Devon. Starting by selling post cards in local shops, she is undeniably up-and coming, working on many projects with various brands and individuals. We hear there is even a Marks & Spencer collaboration in the pipeline! 

We love Emily's eye for detail, use of colour and coastal inspired designs.

Her doodles and designs are guaranteed to look amazing on a pair of shoes, we cannot wait to see the what she comes up with. 

We caught up with her for a quick interview:

Emily, What have you been up to lately?

"I've been doing a lot of custom artwork commissions, a big ocean themed mural in a local cafe, some homewares work for M&S, charity cards for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, artworked up a boob cast for KeepaBreast charity with SurfGirl magazine have just been signed up with a leading London illustration agency"


So, what about working with Vans?

"Amazing - they are such an iconic brand and pretty much the only shoes I wear. I was stoked when I was asked to be one of the artists involved - Ben and my styles are totally different so hopefully we will create a good contrast with our designs and there'll be something for everyone."


What's inspiring you for the shoe design? 

"I wanted to create a kind of washed out, lived in feel. So ombré, subtle paint splats and I love geometric designs, especially diamonds at the moment so we've got a lot of diamond shapes involved!"


Who's going to love them? Who needs to be wearing this shoe?

"Anyone who loves a laid back, lived in shoe with a bit of a twist when you look closer...."

We look forward to seeing her designs created while we watch! 


To have your pair customised, you can order your pair of whites online in advance or purchase on the evening (stock is extremely limited!). Emily (or Ben Allen) will customise them according to your wishes in their own style, on the evening. 

Each artist have also created an exclusive pair, which will be on display on the evening and auctioned off for Charity at a later date. 





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