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Bloggers rule the world

Well, that may be an overstatement, but in the world of fashion they have grown into the key players. Why? (Why not!?)
Well, maybe it's because it makes fashion personal. It gives items context and what's more inspiring than a person you admire wearing something to fall in love with? 

We're fans of the blogger movement.
It's no secret that we are lovers of everything print, pattern and colour... which inevitably means that we admire people who use this in different ways.
Some adorn themselves in all of the above at once, and others adapt a more simple style with a colour pop thrown in.
The fact is, bloggers are not slaves they are investors. They showcase what they want (at least the ones we admire, we think they do?). And that's how it stays interesting - and how our reading list is filled with beautiful things. 

Our five  favourite blogs right now: 


Susie Bubble

If you're into fashion, you've probably heard of her. This colourful lady runs one of the most successful blogs. It's her ticket to front row seats at all the major fashion shows, and an amazing wardrobe. She's more haute than high street. 
Why we love her? 
Her writing is excellent. She's honest. Her content is fresh. Oh, and there is a load of colour. She's clearly passionate about fashion. Not just the obvious stuff, she has an eye and interest in the up and coming, the new, unusual and everything in between. We don't know Suzie, but it feels a bit like we do. She seems so down to earth for someone who lives the glam life. 
"I don’t tend to treat any designer as god, and rather judge items and collections on individual merit"



Fashion Me Now

Lucy Williams, fashion and beauty editor, is the face and founder of this digital destination of everything cool and casual. Her photo's ooze Pinterest inspiration. (She has a 40k+ following on said platform). It's also rather grown-up for us... 
Her style is very understated, she would fit right in in Scandinavian territories. 
The outfits feel timeless, with an injection of boho. And on days when you know you've overdone you're look, don't check her blog, you'll wish you'd gone for something super simple. 
This is a great go-to blog when you need some inspiration for day-to-day wear.  
Did we mention her always present pops of leopard print? Yes. I know. 





Advanced Style

Do you ever worry about sagging and other effects of gravity because of getting older? Fear not, head over to this feel-good blog - Advanced Style - showcasing the most fabulous women of age.  
Ari Seth Cohen is the man behind this blog-cum-documentary.
Iris Apfel, fashions' silver-haired icon, is just one of the faces you'll find here.  



Design Love Fest

Less fashion more lifestyle, this blog is a indulgent destination for colour and print. The motto is 'where type and images totally make out'. If you're ever stuck for creative inspiration, pop along and I promise, you'll be cured. (and may loose a few hours while you're at it... we warned you!)

Bri Emery is the art director behind the brand. Los Angeles-based, the blog covers style, DIY, food, travel, entertaining and more, with the aesthetic consistently recognisable and gorgeous.


Goldfish Kiss

And finally, the newly discovered (thanks to some of our followers!)

This blog reminds us a bit of the Salt Gypsy Blog, which we also adore. Both blogs are proof of the development in surf lifestyle. It's no longer just board shorts and rash vests. These women are putting some serious oomph in beachside style. 
Rebekah Steen, the graphic designer slash editor slash founder of Goldfish Kiss is stunning, which helps. An excellent destination for beach style, which, naturally, is our thing. 
We've been dreaming away over her travel posts, all to destinations to be found on our bucket list. 

Which blogs do you love? Join us on Facebook or Twitter say hi!


Photo credits: All photo's are from the corresponding blog. 

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