Cocktails at Fifteen - Gin Rocket Recipe

Our deliciously positioned neighbours and good friends - Jamie Olivers' Fifteen Cornwall - are just a bay over from us.
The gorgeous setting, overlooking Watergate Bay, was chosen as one of the locations for our lookbook photo shoot this season. 

If there's one person you want to know at Fifteen, it's Josh. He is the bar tender extraordinaire. Not only does he make exquisite concoctions, he can tell you the intricate details of the ingredients of the drink in front of you, history of where the mix originated and everything else you ever wanted to know about good booze. 

We asked him for an easy make-at-home crowd pleaser... and he delivered. 
Here's his Gin Rocket recipe for you to try. Go on, it's delicious. 

G I N   R O C K E T   C O C K T A I L   R E C I P E 
by Jamie Olivers' Fifteen Cornwall

What you need
• 50 ml of Elemental Gin
• 1 Egg white
• 20ml Lemon Juice (Josh likes Amalfi Lemons)
• 20ml Vanilla Syrup

To Garnish:
A sprig of celery

Chilled coupe

What to do: 
• Shake all ingredients together dry to aerate the egg white, this will give your cocktail a silky smooth texture
• Shake again, but this time over ice
• Double strain into a chilled coupe glass
• Garnish with a sprig of celery tops

Let us know if you give this a try - send us a pic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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