Five colourful Instagram accounts to follow

It's a visual world out there. Instagram has taken beautiful snapshots to a new level. It's a destination for inspiration. 
Here are only a few of our favourite accounts right now... 
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I Have This Thing With Floors
When feet meet nice floors. Make a selfeet. #ihavethisthingwithfloors

"Why didn't I think of this?" is the general feeling I get about this Instagram account. Just pictures of beautiful floors and feet, in shoes. The most beautiful patterns make you want to look down more often and discover beauty you may have taken for granted until now. You might even feel inspired to join the #selfie #footselfie #selfeet club.



helloalexfulton interior designer / stylist / writer / maximalist / teacher / shop keeper / colour nut / designing like no one is watching /

This deliciously colourful lady is all about bright. Her Instagram account shines and is sure to put a smile on your face. She's a self-confessed maximalist, which is quite refreshing with the plethora of minimalist feel images appearing in our feed.  Alex is a dear friend of Roo's based in New Zealand. Her love for colour inspires us. 




HOUSE OF LEOPARD Stylish Leopard Fashion & Lifestyle Inspiration Jodi Muter-Hamilton & Heba Kleiner LONDON #leopardinspiration #houseofleopard

You need more leopard print in your life/feed. There are other leopard lovers' accounts around the insta-sphere, some with many more follower than this one, but two reasons why you should follow this one - they have a more classy take on leopard plus they're based in London. 


Yvan Rodic
Photographer, author, blogger, cultural explorer & branded entertainment maker. Twitter: @facehunter FB: Face Hunter

Not quite sure what the story is here, but this guy must have an amazing life. The photo's cover all corners of the world. A combination of fashion and culture, although it's more than that. 



Julie Lee
Food + Photography | iPhone | LA | | Twitter + Pinterest: @julieskitchen | #julieskitchenfoodcollage | Printshop:

Taking photo's of food has never looked this good. Julie Lee is a food photographer and shows how it's done. The shots are colourful and mouthwateringly good. 


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