Two years on: What we've learnt and how we've changed

We've been on this wild journey for two years now...

It all started with Roo - and we've now grown into a team of seven! 

It's been an amazing two years, we've laughed, cried, jumped for joy and learnt some things the hard way. 

After two years we can say that we've changed, just a bit, but we have. We've learnt who we are as a business, and who our customers are. We feel our collections are getting stronger each season. Having said that - we're still constantly working to improve. 

There have been some epic moments, here are a few...

• We opened our Porth store one year ago - which has become a destination shop all year round for our local customer base!

Elle Magazine featured our SunnyLife Beach Radio's

• We introduced our own design range Fringed Beach Towels to the UK - the love we have received has been fabulous. We will be designing a new collection in the near future.

• Our sample bikinis were called in for some amazing photo shoots in tropical places, for the big magazines this year - fingers crossed we see them in the summer glossies! 

• We discovered Instagram - this social media platform is made for us - a riot of visual joy - we love it! 

• The Vans Artist event held in store with amazing artists Ben Allen and Emily Hamilton was a hoot!

• We were chosen to be the key online retailer for the O'Neill x Liberty collection (launching soon)...

• We were chosen as the exclusive shop in the region for some of our favourite brands.

• Our creative team is working with our local photographer Adj Brown and we're so proud of the visual story the brand is creating. 

• Roo became fashion contributor for Cornwall Today this year - with four trend articles per year! 

The LOVE we get from our customers is overwhelmingly fabulous- it keeps us going every day! Thank you! 


We're looking forward to an amazing summer - it's our very favourite season.

• We're opening a coffee shop at our Porth shop - which we're very excited about, sufficient amounts of caffeine at all times. 

#HappyClothes that's what we're all about, and what you all love. We noticed the edgy and darker pieces just don't tickle your fancy - expect an endless amount of colour, print and pattern! Always on the look out for excellent new brands that are not yet in Cornwall, we intend to surprise and delight as often as possible! 

• We love a party: We've had some amazing events in store and our lovely customers have become good friends. Expect more parties. We're working with awesome brands to make new memories together. 

• We like making friends - we're so lucky to have amazing people running amazing businesses here in Cornwall. We've teamed up with some outstanding ones over the past two years, like Jamie Olivers' Fifteen Cornwall, Bedruthan Hotel, Beach Retreats and more. We're planning on making lots more friends! 

• It's all about having FUN - you know how to have fun (in fact, you probably wrote the book) - but we all sometimes forget to. We want to remind you that you can! Through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog and emails - we try and add a touch of fun and put a smile on your face. The world needs more joy, always. 

• We've grown in two years and will keep on doing so. The website will have more goods on than ever and you might see a Roo's Beach Pop-up somewhere this year... We can say no more! You'll just have to stay in touch. 

A big thank you to all you lovely ladies who have supported us - you know who you are! 

xoxo Roo and the team.

We always love feedback, the good, bad and the ugly, it will help us get better. Head here to let us know what we're doing good, and where we can improve. Click here to give feedback.

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