What you'll need:
Sunday Sessions Pink Nail Varnish
Pink Bikini Nail Varnish
JellyFish Top Coat
• Black Sharpie pen

S T E P  O N E 

Paint the tip of the nail using BeachToes - Sunday Sessions Pink to make the body of the Flamingo. 

S T E P  T W O 

Using either a nail art tool or cocktail stick apply Beach Toes - Sunday Session in an "S" shape for the neck. 

S T E P  T H R E E 

Using a nail tool or cocktail stick apply Beach Toes - Pink Bikini on the body of the flamingo to create a feather look & at the top of the neck where the beak will be drawn.

S T E P  F O U R 


Then either uses a nail art pen in black or a sharpie pen, as I have, to draw an eye and a beak! 


S T E P  F I V E 


When your flamingo has dried, apply a coat of Beach Toes - Jellyfish!

On my other nails I applied Beach Toes - Sunday Sessions & Pink Bikini, alternating the colours.


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