Introducing Meri Meri


Enter into the adventures of Meredithe (who’s childhood nickname was Meri Meri) focused on bringing a love of life and stationary to the world. New to Roo’s Beach, Meri Meri has whisked us away to a place of fun, bold and high quality stationary, jewellery and party supplies.

Meri Meri all began in Los Angeles,1985 when Meredithe sat at her kitchen table with some scissors, pens and a big pot of glitter. The first cards were made that way. The magic spread across stationary stores in LA and New York and across the pond. Soon the whole world wanted a piece of the Meri Meri magic. Now based in the UK Meredith heads a studio in Cheltenham, West London, England.

Whether you want to make a huge impact with the fun bold Jewellery and temporary tattoos or send a note to a loved one on beautifully crafted note cards. The secret to this playful brand is, "discovering what you love to do, dedicating yourself to it and then watching everything else fall beautifully into place." At Meri Meri, they believe that you deserve not only the best in design and craftsmanship, but also a little bit extra to give a completely luxury finish.

Get yourself some meri meri to add to your #HappyClothes... which is what we're all about!


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