Valentine Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Valentine's day easy chocolate truffles
Incredible indulgent and extremely easy, this chocolate truffles recipe is from the guys next door at The Laid Back Coffee Company, and will definitely be a crowdpleaser. We're going to admit, there's nothing healthy about this recipe - although it does use dark chocolate, which is meant to be a superfood, right?! Oh, and it's gluten free, depending on the coating you use. 

But perhaps Valentine's day is a good reason to forget the healthy lifestyle you've been following since Jan 1st, and just enjoy? 

These are great as they can be made in advance: 

Easy-Peasy Valentine's Day Chocolate Truffles

Makes 25-50 truffles (depending on your sizing!)


284ml Double Cream

50g Unsalted butter, diced

280g Dark chocolate (good quality 70% cocoa solids), chopped


• Warm the cream and butter until melted and it simmers.

• Pour the warm cream and butter over the chocolate and stir until smooth

• Leave as is or add your choice of flavouring

Cool, then chill in fridge for a few hours

 • Shape the truffles either by rolling with oiled, cold hands or use a melon baller dipped in hot water

• Roll each ball in your choice of coating*

• Place them in an airtight tub in the fridge for 3 days or so.


*Good liqueur/coating combos

(Use fresh citrus zest/vanilla pods for an alcohol-free flavouring.  Use your valentine’s favourite sweets (mints, popping candy, crushed as an alternative coating )

• Amaretto and toasted flaked almonds

• Spiced rum and barely toasted desiccated coconut

• Cherry vodka and cocoa powder

• Raspberry liqueur and crushed Match-makers

• Coffee liqueur and toasted hazelnuts

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