Nail Art Tutorial – Watermelon


Materials by Beach Toes

- Offshore Breeze
- Tahiti Graffiti
- Starfish
- Jellyfish
- Lava Rock

1. Base Colour:
Apply a layer of offshore breeze for a cool base layer.

2. Go Bold:
Apply 1 to 2 coats of Starfish evenly to ¾ of each nail. Let the polish dry before moving on to the next step.

3. French Fruit Tip:
Next, with the green polish draw a diagonal French in any direction you chose across the tip of the nail. Fill it in to make the rind of your watermelon. Continue this on all nails or until you are satisfied with your design.

4. Spots:
Using a manicure stick (or a pencil) apply spots of Lava Rock to create the effect of fruit seeds.

5. Shine:
Use a top coat and give your nails a thin coating of Jellyfish. This will give them shine and help your neat design last longer.

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