New SS16 Bkr Colours

The popular Bkr Water bottles are designed with beauty in mind - hydration is the key - as well as eliminating plastic water bottles, which are bad for you, and the environment. 

Their designs are based on the latest colours on the runway. Practically every celebrity has been shot carrying one... We're converts, as we all have one here at Roo's Beach, and I can report, we're all very well hydrated these days. 



This season, we have 4 new colours in the UK to choose from, in addition to some already great colours.  A deep purple called Bkr Boss in 500ml, The Bkr Bisous in pink cherry, Bkr Gigi is lime green and the Bkr Bougie is a stunning pastel mauve. The new 1 Litre bottle is called Sugar and is a tasty pink. 

Bkr Glass water bottles with silicone sleeve where designed in California, and now available in the UK at Roo's Beach. Available in 500 ml and 1 Litre bottles.

See the collection here. 

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