Rainbow Nail Art DIY

Rainbow Nails – Nail Art Tutorial from Too's Beach UK

We're always wearing some colour on our nails - and starting to feel in the mood for spring. Here's a little rainbow nail tutorial, by our shop manager Becky. She's used the lovely colours from our collection of Beach Toes Nail Varnishes from Australia!

If you have nail art tools, use those, otherwise, simply use a tooth pick! 


•  Virgin Sand White Nail Varnish
•  Hang Ten Blue Nail Varnish
•  Cool Bananas Yellow Nail Varnish
•  Starfish Neon Coral Nail Varnish
•  Jelly Fish Clear Top Coat
•  Nail art tool / toothpick  

S T E P  1
Always best to use a base coat and let it dry.

Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial – Step 2

S T E P  2
Use white nail varnish and draw cloud shapes along the tip, and let it dry.

Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial – Step 3

S T E P  3
Using a blue polish, start on the side of the nail you want the rainbow on and draw the first line, leaving enough room for two more.

Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial – Step 4

Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial – Step 4
S T E P  4
Repeat with yellow and red nail polish.

Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial – Step 5
S T E P  5
Add a top coat, to make it last.  

Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial from Roo's Beach UK 

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