Accessorise Your Style - The 'How To' Guide

On this week’s blog we showcase brand new accessories from the AW19 collection and explain how to style with them for a cool autumnal look. From hair clips to hair bands and head scarves. Get the Roo’s Beach look by following these simple steps... 
Whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, by simply adding a hair band can transform your look. Not only are they useful for holding back your tassels and keeping them away from your face, they are quicker and easier to use than a head scarf. It's as easy as sliding one on and you're good to go. Hair bands also break up the colour of your hair by adding a stand out shade or pattern. We are in love with these padded styles, that really sing those happy 80’s vibes..
We are loving chunky hair clips this season! Ours come in fun, bright 80's colours and a pearl texture as well as old school tortoise shell. Use them alongside your hair band or scarf, or on their own as a useful way of holding back a fringe or loose sides when sporting a ponytail or bun. These are made to be seen so go for it! 
Exclusively in the shop only, we also offer alternative clips and cool scrunchies that make us all feel like kids again. Love love love! So if you're local or visiting Cornwall soon, pop in a grab yourself some. 
Throwing some brighter colours and bold patterns into the mix, there's also satin hair scarves. In a traditional shape (square) to start with, it’s up to you how you want to shape and wear this simple accessory. Use hair clips and hair spray to give you a helping hand with fixing hair that's a little wild to tame. Over to Bex to show us how to style...

First, roll up your scarf...


 Style 1: The Top Bow  



 Style 2: The Under Tie


 Style 3: The Top Knot

(The simplest of all the styles! See the head scarf more as a ribbon to accessorise a pony tail or bun)    


 Style 4: The Retro Wrap


A neck scarf may just be a scarf for some, but worn with the right outfit can really elevate a look. Yes in colder times they are a necessity (and we have Barts to thank for keeping us warm when the weather turns) but you can also accessorise with lighter ones too. And did you know there were major fashion faux-pas when it comes to scarves? The lovely Bex explains and demonstrates with the Karma Camel Scarf...
Bex - “A scarf is the perfect accessory to add a little print to your life, but only if you know how to wear it. We get asked all the time in the shop about the do’s and don’ts of wearing scarves. We’ve got lots of options this year and my go-to for scarf styling is a simple wrap around the neck. Drape the scarf over your shoulders, keeping one end slightly longer to loop around your neck once. Pull it a little looser around the neck and have the ends uneven for a really ‘I just threw this on!’ kind of vibe. Or tuck up those ends by tying them together so it looks more like a snood”.
“Yes we have the chunkier scarf options too for when you’re out and about, to be worn over the top of thick knit jumpers and cardis, plus statement faux-fur coats. For us, Barts is the best for cozy oversized scarves alongside knitted hats. But an absolute no-no is wearing your scarf as a cape or a shawl as there’s just too much blocky colour or pattern on display, completely stealing the show. Everyday lightweight scarves should only be seen draped beautifully around your neck, not in one big block that just ends up looking sloppy.” Amen to that Bex!
Style with Earrings
Keep with that 80’s feeling and add some colourful earrings when accessorising. Along with geometric necklaces, we love colourful resin hoops that just go so well with our hair bands and head scarves. Looking for something a little more sleek? Try our Pernille Corydon collection of silver and gold jewellery. Mix up your day to evening style by introducing both of these brands that offer different looks. 

   To view the entire range of accessories on offer from Roo's Beach, including sunglasses, bags, socks and more, CLICK HERE.

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