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I’ve got my head down, writing my daily lists, making green juice every morning, trying to keep on running despite the wind, rain and dark, busily planning for the months ahead and generally keeping busy. Nothings especially exciting but it’s also not particularly dull, there’s parents evening to deal with, another roast to cook, the dogs need walking and we always seem to run out of coffee on the morning that I need one the most. It’s a little bit hum drum, I’m spending far too much time on Airbnb looking for the perfect coastal villa or tiny hide away, planning the odd long weekend break and dreaming of sunshine filled days on the wild West coast of Portugal, does this sound familiar?

Roo wearing the Mads Nørgaard Dot Dancella Black Dress

It’s a waiting game and the only thing to do is just crack on, focus on the positives, make some time to be outside. Living on the coast is exhilarating, leaving the house for a walk or a run is almost always a total sensory overload. Good and bad, wind, rain, sleet, fog, sunshine, mist and occasionally all of the above at once.  I envy people who manage to own proper winter weather gear, who have stylish, warm and waterproof winter coats with a hood or a hat which doesn’t make you look like a Smurf. I’ve never managed this, I have an abundance of coats, I love them all and yet not one of them is practical or suited to a stormy Cornish winter. Does this item actually exist I ask myself every season and still I don’t have the answer, if you do then please email me, I’d love to know.

My other dilemma is dresses, again I’ve never been very good at dresses, I love the idea of them, I love seeing other people wearing them but I never seem to quite pull them off myself. Some people are what I’d call ‘dress’ people, they have a wardrobe full of them and look so at home when they just throw one on with white pumps and an old cardigan. What a great look, so feminine and effortless, so modern and cool, I on the other hand always feel rather out of place in a dress and look awkward. My natural habitat is denim, a jumper and trainers, always at least one accent of Leopard print and never without black eye liner and mascara. 

However this is all about to change for good, we’ve just taken delivery of the best dress I have ever tried on, I’m going to call it the denim of all dresses – that’s just how good it is. It’s black with tiny white spots, the fabric has a reassuring heaviness to it, it’s cut perfectly so it swings when you move, it has a pretty collar and really flattering little short sleeves, you can unbutton it sexily, do it up to the top cooly or wear it with jeans underneath for a slight relaxed, urban look.  I’ll be wearing it with my favourite old Leopard print Vans and can now be referred to as a ‘dress’ person, how exciting!

Featured dress:
Mads Nørgaard Dot Dancella Black Dress

This article was featured in Cornwall Today, March 2019.

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