Bex's Top Picks Autumn 17 from Roo's Beach

This week, Bex shared with us the key pieces she is coveting this season and now subsequently adds ‘model’ to her job description! Over to you Bex...

“I wouldn’t say that I am strongly brand driven with my style, but I am drawn to certain colours, textures and I love anything that is unique and original.

I am so in love with the new Italian brand Ottod’ame, as it reinvents vintage styles of previous decades but with a modern edge.

My outfit just had to start with the coat, it ticks so many boxes for me, the long dreamy length, its warm tobacco colour and the way it so easily takes me on a journey through my childhood – that classic trench with a modern twist!

Bex's Top Autumn picks from Roo's Beach for Autumn 2017

This coat to me oozes confidence and attitude, so I decided to team it with a the cute floaty beige checked dress and yes its again from my Autumn Crush Ottod’ame.

This dress for me works perfectly with the coat and brings a little softness and fun to my style, it’s feminine and fairly unstructured against the coat, beige and grey are such easy colours to wear and so they let the style and shape of the dress speak for itself.

Now I couldn’t leave out this little classic cardigan from Bellerose and again in one of my favourite shades of ‘green’. I think it’s called a shaded spruce – a green you may see in the forest. They team so well together and make a dress worn during the day a little more casual. I don’t normally wear dresses as I feel a little over dressed in them for daytime, however with this little vintage inspired cardigan, this makes the outfit much more accessible, alternatively I would team this with a denim jacket and a pair of Converse or even my Dr Martin boots, making this look a real winner for me.

Bex's top picks from Roo's Beach, Autumn 17

In these pictures I am wearing the beautiful Penelope Chilvers Chestnut Wander Feria suede boots, so perfect in colour and slightly heavy but with a touch of feminine detailling, that really carry the long coat.

For those of you that may know me and for you that don’t I love my rings! I tend to wear one on every finger! So how can I not select the beautiful rings that have recently arrived in from Pernille Corydon, they are really perfect for an everyday wear and mix in well with your existing style and other jewellery”.

Bex's Top Autumn picks from Roo's Beach for Autumn 2017

Bex wears:
Ottod'ame Tabacco Belted Wool Coat
Ottod'ame Beige Checked Dress
Bellerose Agaro Bottle Green Cardigan
Penelope Chilvers Chestnut Wander Feria Suede Boots
Barts Bias Bottle Green Beanie Hat 
Pernille Corydon Chalcedony Blue Ring
Pernille Corydon Silver Halo Ring 

To learn more about Bex and her personal style influences or to book an in store styling appointment, check out our personal styling page here.

October 06, 2017 — Catherine Murray