Textured Party Updo Hairstyling with Rosanne Abell

All of you lovely people who attended our Christmas Pamper Party will already know our favourite hairstylist Rosanne Abell, and what a fabulously creative person she is. Ro came down to Cornwall after working for 5 years on the King's Road in London, training at Vidal Sassoon and assisting top stylists at London Fashion Week including Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren. She is busily styling for photo shoots (including our own), Weddings and special occasions as well as being brilliant at cutting - she always has a waiting list!  Here she shares with us one of her favourite party hair styles and talks us through a step by step tutorial on how to achieve a perfect 'Textured Party Updo' - just in time for Christmas!

S T E P  1
Part the hair from ear to ear dividing the front from the back. 

S T E P 2 
Gather all the hair from the back section and twist into a small bun at the nape of the neck, secure with grips. 

Textured Party Updo Hair DIY with Freelance Hair Stylist Rosanne Abell
S T E P  3
Using a medium sized tong, take small vertical sections from the front and wrap the hair around the tong for a short amount of time to produce a bouncy wave, repeat this but alternate the direction you wrap the hair around the tong for each small section. 

S T E P  4
Now add volume to the front section and don't be scared to make it big! Brush out the waves with your fingers and use a dry texturising spray throughout the roots. Dry shampoo is another great product for creating volume and texture. 

S T E P  5
Now take a small section from one side, twist and wrap over the bun and secure with a grip. Repeat this on the other side, crossing over the bun and alternate the sides until you have no more hair left from the front. 

Textured Party Updo Hair DIY with Freelance Hair Stylist Rosanne Abell
S T  E P  6
You don't want this look to be structured so pull bits out and rough it up with you fingers, use hairspray to fix and really rock this look. 

Rosanne Abell Freelance Hair Stylst

Website       www.rosanneabell.com
Email           hello@rosanneabell.com
Instagram    @rosanneabell
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