Do You Have A 'Girl Crush'?

Do you have a girl crush?

You may find this is an odd title that smells way too much of a frivolous Americanism (!), but it sums up where I’m at perfectly, and I’m about to tell you why… 

I’ve always preferred mixed groups of friends with a nice balance of male and female. Generally speaking, I also tend to shy away from any activity involving large gaggles of giggling women! But what I’ve realised is I have also ALWAYS had women that I’ve admired, copied, learned from (and been slightly in love with!). Kate Moss (style icon), Lucy Hone (best friend in the world AND utterly incredible) and just recently, Claudia Winkleman, who has now been elevated to hero status due to her perfectly brilliant column in the Sunday Times Style magazine. I challenge you not to find it utterly entertaining!

Kate Moss – Fashion Icon

Genius writing aside, Claudia was nothing short of amazing on Strictly. She sparkled in black every week with her sharp haircut, a perfect ever-so-slightly-too-long fringe which she totally gets away with. Add that to her stunning eyes defined with a perfect slick of black eyeliner, and boom! She can laugh at herself, she’s infectious with her wit and understated coolness, her look is consistently perfect and she’s so on point it’s scary! We love you @ClaudiaWinkle!

Claudia Winkleman

What I particularly love about her article is she normalises so many things that often raise eyebrows. She embraces bad behaviour, swearing, smudged eyeliner, wearing clashing prints and colours and having children with ridiculous names. She talks about going out and doing shots with her girlfriends, being hungover, doting on her children and bitching about annoying partners. In this often PC-crazy world we live in, I find her attitude nothing short of refreshing!

Lucy with her best friend Roo on her wedding day

 I think women everywhere should embrace their inner individual! Be brave and confident and don’t worry too much about what anyone else thinks! I find it so exciting when I meet women in the shop who know their style and wear it with pride. They’re not confined by categories like age or size, and because of this, they experiment. Of course, not everyone has this inbuilt confidence, so why not let us help you find that inner goddess...?! Come into the shop and talk to Becky, Bex or myself and I feel confident that you’ll leave with a spring in your step, and maybe a pair of gold platforms!!!

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