Feel Fabulous at 50

Roo, owner of Roo's Beach - Fabulous at 50

I always wondered how I'd feel about turning 50, what would I be doing, what stage of life would I be at, would I feel really middle aged, would I have slowed down?

All of these questions I have mulled over , however as this milestone approaches this week,  its really much less of a thing than I thought it would be. In my thirties, 50 seemed REALLY old, in my 40s it seemed far off and now its here it just feels normal, right, Im ready for it.

I almost feel like Im coming of age, I can be reckless, Im not answerable to anyone and I feel empowered. Ive brought up three children, my youngest is still at home but shes together, independent and strong minded, little parenting is needed other than the usual guidance and gentle steering. I obviously miss them, the house is too quiet and ordered, theres far less chaos and shouting and Ian and I spend far more time together than we have since before the kids were born.

Change is good, it has to be embraced and life moves on, Im a strong believer in looking ahead and even though its not always easy thats normal too!

So what does 50 look like? Looking around at my friends there is a certain confidence, a feeling of self assurance that accompanies this transition into a new decade. I feel excited about the next phase in my life, I feel that women have the freedom to experiment nowadays, life has become less formal, less structured, its OK to wear the same trainers as teenagers and to live in Levis. 

I recently read a brilliant article by Lorraine Candy, editor of Style magazine, who has recently turned 50, this quote from her sums up my thoughts exactly - find a base uniform that flatters your height and shape, then move in and out of wearable trends that you like each season. Less is more, so buy better by splashing out on one good item rather than on many cheaper pieces’.

Levi's 501 Skinny Coal Black Jeans

This season Im mainly wearing grey Levi 501s - slightly high waisted to hold in my not so toned tummy with leopard print vans (obviously). My indulgent, splash out item is a gorgeous, over sized, long cardigan by American Vintage in rich, vibrant orange. Itll go with everything, I can pair it with a low key jersey top for everyday ease, or layer it with print and colour when Im feeling like making a statement.

American Vintage Malawood Orange Long Cardigan

Its warm, cosy, ever so slightly unpractical, feminine, rather fabulous, and when wearing it the other day I was stopped by an older gentleman who enthusiastically complimented my outfit and said I looked like Id stepped off the set of Game of Thrones- winner winner chicken dinner.

Featured products: Levi's 501 Skinny Coal Black Jeans  & American Vintage Malawood Orange Long Cardigan 

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