Fragrance Layering With Miller Harris

Miller Harris Lumière Dorée Eau de Parfum 50ml available from Roo's Beach UK

Last week we were so pleased to host the lovely Imran from Miller Harris at our annual Christmas Pamper Party. This year he brought with him an exclusive launch of their new bath and body products, including Tea Tonique scented hand lotion and hand wash as well as a body scrub in the gorgeous Lumiére Dorée scent.

On the evening Imran showcased the products with a very relaxing hand massage. First of all using the Lumiére Dorée body scrub which is made from all natural sugar cane to exfoliate the skin, leaving it fresh, happy and healthy. Once washed off, he then went in with the luxurious Tea Tonique hand lotion, containing responsibly sourced cocoa and shea butter, that leaves your hands feeling replenished and moisturised with its uplifting scent. 

Miller Harris Bodycare

Imran also gave us a little more information on their scent layering suggestions. If you don’t already know, Miller Harris has continued their quest for individuality by introducing a unique way to wear your fragrances through layering. He explained that you don’t tend to wear the same shade of lipstick, blush and eyeshadow at the same time, or keep to one colour with your outfit, so why would we limit ourselves when it comes to perfume? It's really as simple as spritzing one fragrance on top of the other, using the heaviest first and applying at pulse points.

 Scent layering with Miller Harris

The recently launched Étui Noir and Lumière Dorée, were created to go together. Blending their leather and neroli bases gives a fine balance between those rich and light scents, making an unexpectedly addictive combination. Whilst the spicy freshness of Vetiver Insolent perfectly contrasts the sweeter, more sophisticated notes of Rose Silence.

Pop into the shop in Porth to mix and match your totally unique, personalised, bespoke fragrance.

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