Fun in The Big Smoke

Fun in the big smoke! Roo's Beach Fashion Buying trip to London

As a self-confessed shopaholic (which is the sole reason that Roo’s Beach was born in the first place), my buying trips to London are always highlights for me.  It sounds like a dream come true I know, but it’s actually fairly exhausting and for every fabulous piece that we buy there are at least 20 completely wrong ones.  The lovely and very stylish Bex who works with me at Roo’s Beach is my buying partner. It’s so much easier with two of us, and we definitely compliment each other.

The lovely and very stylish Bex who works with me at Roo’s Beach is my buying partner, it’s so much easier with two of us and we definitely compliment each other.

We made our quarterly trip to London in July and August last year to buy for SS17, it’s always such a pleasure to immerse ourselves in new season goodies.  Living so close to Newquay Airport we can catch the 7.30am flight and be in central London for an appointment at 9.30, there’s also a daily flight home at 8.20pm which get’s me back  in front of a well needed G&T by 9.15pm. Not a bad commute!  On this occasion as we were in London for three days! We took our old faithful the ‘Gruffalo’, a really old Toyota Land-cruiser that copes splendidly with Cornwall living, motorway driving, large family life and endless trips to the tip. It’s not quite so handy for city life as we found out when trying to access a very tight underground car park in Kings Cross!!!

 Roo's Beach Buying Trip in London inspired by brands such as Minkpink and Wildfox

Back to back appointments mean that my total addiction to really good coffee is always a problem in London, I know that of course there must be hundreds of artisan coffee shops in the big smoke, but it’s not always apparent where they are. We're VERY spoilt at Roo’s Beach as we have our very own coffee shop on site in the form of The Laid Back Coffee Co, they really do make the best coffee I’ve ever tasted so it’s a tall order to find coffee that stands up to their very high standards. All good though as I came across the London Coffee Guide App which lead us to really delicious coffee all over London including the very stylish, hip ‘Kaffeine’ on Great Titchfield St, which just happens to be opposite Levi’s showroom. Gorgeous Sam from Levi’s grabbed coffee for us while we excitedly tried on denim - slightly compromised as neither of us are quite sample size but we improvised and imagined!  My theory is if they looked good in the wrong size, just imagine how good they'll look in the right size!

 Roo & Bex in London on a Roo's Beach Fashion Buying Trip

I get totally over excited about finding those stand out pieces - suddenly you come across an absolute beauty, like this leather jacket! I’ve never owned a leather jacket, believe me, I’ve tried, but for some reason, none have been quite right. When I put this one on it was love at first sight, completely perfect, expensive but for me worth every penny! I shall be channelling my inner rock chick this season, and just to add to the brilliance it has a leopard print lining - well-done Custommade you’ve nailed it!

Roo showing her love of leopard print and a black leather biker jacket

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