Gifts For Guys - Bex Shops For The Men In Her Life

With Christmas just around the corner, most of us ladies have done the majority of our shopping (well hopefully, there's only a few days left!). Yet, more often than not, we leave the man in our lives to buy for 'til the very last minute. Throw in a dad, brother and even a nephew into the mix too, the last min list of men to buy for can be quite daunting. Here's Bex to the rescue, going through her list of gifts for the guys in her life...



Bex - "Well first up is the main man in my life, my partner Ryan, who you may all recognise as the male model for Roo's Beach! And since he got to try on the entire menswear range for our photoshoot earlier this season, I was taking note of what I liked on him. For me, it was the Albam Ribbed Crew Jumper in dark navy. I love a fisherman! A timeless classic, stylish and super sexy, you just can't go wrong with a jumper like this." 



"Since I'm a huge fan of Miller Harris' fragrances, the Feuilles de Tabac Eau de Parfum for men is perfect for your loved one. It's a real smooth, masculine fragrance with rich notes of wood, tobacco leaves and spices, giving it an addictive quality I go crazy for.

Lastly, since Ryan works outdoors in the cold (and he is always stealing my Keepcup!), I'd love to get him the new stainless steel Thermal Nitro Travel Cup. This re-usable cup is vacuum sealed for thermal insulation and combats single use plastic. It's in a super cool colour for men, so I'm sure he'll love this and get years of use out of it."



"Next up on my list is my big brother and since he loves receiving socks at Christmas, this makes my life so easy. A pair of Stance it is then! He loves Stance, the quality of their socks and the variety of colours, patterns and fun styles that they offer. I think I'll go for the Everyday Blanford Royal Blue Socks. They are pretty loud and he'll love them!"


"My brother loves to travel and he's away a lot with his work, so I just had to get him The Monocle Guide to Hotels, Inns and Hideaways. Compiled from the past ten years of the magazine's issues and filled with gorgeous photography, Monocle’s editors break down their favourite cities such as Tokyo, Beirut, New York, Copenhagen and many more. It makes me want to go travelling again, so fingers crossed he will love this read."       

 "Dads can be really tricky to buy for. Depending on their age of course, they generally have everything they need, so what do you buy the man that has it all? Well since my dad has made a new year's resolution to drink more water, I'm getting him a large Chilly's Bottle in matte blue. Not only do these amazing bottles keep your drinks nice and chilly all day long, they also keep tea and coffee hot hot hot too! Perfect!

They say that when you're shopping for gifts, that you tend to buy what you'd like yourself, well the Oslo Coffee Brown Cap from Barts is no exception. I absolutely love this flat cap and I'm sure my dad will too. He's a keen golfer and what golfer doesn't like a flat cap? It's adjustable which is handy and I love the texture of the coffee brown cord and luxe silky padded lining inside."



"Last but not least is my nephew. He's a teen, and what teens never have enough of are basics such as t-shirts. So you can't go wrong with a brand such as Colorful Standard. I've gone for the Lava Grey Classic Organic Tee - pictured here on Ryan. 100% organic and super soft, it will stand the test of time and wash up like new after every wear." 


"I've paired this with another winner - the Colorful Standard Deep Black Merino Wool Beanie which is a great everyday accessory for a teen that's a real 'get-up-and-go' kinda guy. Crafted from soft merino, it's a luxe essential he'll love."    

If you're in need of some last minute inspiration for gifts, make sure you check out our Giftopia. We've made it super easy to find the perfect present for your loved one this Christmas. 

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