Guest Blog - Christmas Wreath Making by Flowers With M

Guest Blog - Christmas Wreath Making with Flowers With M
There's no better way to spend the afternoon foraging and using winter greens to decorate your home. So it’s a pleasure doing this wreath tutorial for Roo’s Beach. The first thing I do before any wreath making begins is pour myself a cup of coffee and hit play on my Christmas playlist (Tony Bennet is a must). It gets me into the Christmas spirit instantly. 

To get started, you will need 
1. 1 x willow wreath base (next year you can purchase them from me)
2. 1 x scissor / 1 x wire cutters
3. Wire preferably on a coil
4. A good armful of your chosen fresh foliage (i.e. blue spruce, pine, juniper, douglas fir)
5. Ribbon 

S T E P  1
Start by laying your foliage out on a table your working from, making sure you have given yourself enough space for your wreath and tools. After a big sip of coffee and a mouthful of mince pie, we can begin wreath making! 
Flowers by M Wreath Making Cornwall

S T E P  2
Secure your ribbon to the bare wreath and tie a knot. This knot will be supporting your finished wreath on the door, so make sure the ribbon is strong.

Flowers by M Wreath Making Cornwall

S T E P  3
Now we need bunches of foliage to place in and around our wreath. Start by cutting nice bushy stems from your fresh foliage, you will need around 3-4 stems (or enough to make a handful) to make a single bunch. Make sure that the foliage you're working with is fresh and alive. If there are any brown bits, discard the foliage, as your wreath will not make it to Christmas.
Christmas Wreath Making Flowers By M Cornwall

S T E P  4
Your bundle of foliage should look like image 4. Notice how I’ve left about 2cm’s of stem clearance, this is so I can secure the wire around the bundled up stems. 
Wreath Making Cornwall Flowers by M
S T E P  5
Make as many mini bundles as you can, you will notice as you strip the leaves from your foliage, how quickly you go through your greenery. If you have got to a point where you have used the best pieces from your foliage, throw away unwanted branches that are no use and make sure, you’re always introducing fresh foliage to your wreath. Avoid using scraps and leftovers (sometimes hard to do), as a trained wreath eye can always tell top shelf foliage from the foliage that should be left on the floor!
Juniper Wreath DIY Tutorial Cornwall

S T E P  6
You're now in the thick of wreath making and your actions will start to feel more comfortable. At this point the room will be filled with aromas that make you want to start a candle company. I’ve used juniper and eucalyptus in this example and I can’t tell you how good that combo looks and smells.
Wreath Making Cornwall

S T E P  7
Now with all of your bundles tied up and ready to be attached, you can begin by securing the bunches you’ve pre-made to your wreath base. During this stage, it is very important that you never cut your wire from your wire reel. You want to make sure that you continually wrap the wire around the wreath, securing one bunch at a time. 
Juniper Wreath Tutorial

S T E P  8
Repeat the above action twice, over each bundle to ensure each bundle is nice and secure to the wreath. Again, don’t cut the wire, keep adding the bundles and wrapping wire over the stems and attaching to the wreath base. A nice little hint when adding additional bunches, make sure you are placing each new bundle over the stems from the previous bunch so you cover the stems and show off more of the green, full foliage.
Christmas Wreath Making Workshop Cornwall

S T E P  9
When you get halfway, have a few moments to take a break and take your eyes off the wreath - a good chance to eat another mince pie. If you have someone at home that can hold the wreath up for you, this can really help in giving you a different perspective of the wreath. What you’re trying to focus on here is the wreath shape and symmetry and to get a better feel for where you should be adding more, or less foliage, to give you your desired wreath shape. Don’t worry about the exposed willow, we will fill in the gaps at the end. 
DIY Christmas Wreath
S T E P  10
Now that you have covered the wreath base you will see your wreath come to life! Fill in the gaps with your remaining foliage. There's no need to make any more bunches, as you can poke the willow through the wire that's already in place from wrapping the bunches. 

Wreath Making Tutorial
S T E P  11
Hold it up and be proud of your first wreath! 
Juniper Eucalyptus Wreath Flowers With M

Merry Christmas from Flowers With M

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