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I’ve been writing about women’s fashion for over three years now, it’s a passion of mine and something that is close to my heart, I know from experience that I’m not alone in this. Living and working in a very female dominant environment we rarely have an hour when we’re not discussing some detail of some form of clothing that we own, have just bought or are planning to buy, it’s a subject we delight in, it inspires us and keeps us alive and feeling excited and confident. 

My husband Ian is a very tolerant, long suffering man, he sits at the dinner table while my daughters and I almost always turn the conversation to; bralets, what jeans we’re currently wearing or wanting to be wearing, what shall we wear to Clare’s wedding, where shall Betsy get her prom dress from and what shoes should she wear with it, did you see that amazing jumper on Free People’s website, OMG we need it in our lives - it goes on. It’s not that he’s disinterested in fashion but it would never be a conversational subject, it’s basically bottom of his list with Surfing, Classic Cars and building design details are way above it! I think he’s typical of British men (I say British as I have no idea of the fashion interests of males from different countries, however I’d like to think the Italians are more interested, but maybe this is just a stereotype?).

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However even though he’s not interested in talking about fashion he does have a sense of pride in what he looks like and does appreciate the difference between good and bad and what he should wear, OK, so it’s been a long journey and I’m very bossy and have had to cull lots from his wardrobe, but we’re winning and mostly he looks fantastic!

Again I see this as a fairly typical pattern from the women I speak to and the men I meet in the shop, there seems to be a few key types; type A - let their wives/ partners/ mothers buy all their clothes for them and don’t really care but appreciate looking good, type B - have a keen sense of their own fashion and identity, really take an interest and are fiercely independent in this, type C, really don’t care what they wear and what they look like - totally functional dressers.

We launched a small but carefully curated menswear edit six months ago to cater for type A and B and occasionally type C. It’s been fascinating watching the various dynamics unfold between men and their partners, how they shop, their approach to fashion and how this will influence our menswear buying going forward.

Men as far as I can see like a small, carefully pre-selected edit, it has to be easy to shop, not too much choice, clearly labelled, easy to try and above all it needs to be very quick, they have an unbelievably short shopping attention span. They don’t need to follow trends, read magazines and discuss the various options until they’re blue in the face, they want to make quick, informed decisions and once they find a brand/shape they love they remain loyal, repeat customers, in short they’re a dream customer and we welcome them into our mix. All you men out there, have a look at our website, come and have a coffee from the Roo's Beach Coffee Shop and browse our small but perfectly formed edit and let’s see if we can welcome you into the fold.

Roo x x

This article was featured in Cornwall Today, June 2019.

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