Hero Brand Of The Month - KeepCup

Make a change, do it today...
For many of us the New Year is a chance to re-evaluate our lives, create positive, healthier changes and set ourselves new challenges for the year ahead. But what about the environment and what can we all do to help tackle the impact of single use plastic? A fantastic brand that springs to mind is KeepCup, and we are proud to crown them our 1st hero brand of the year... 
Fighting for the reuse revolution is our favourite eco find - KeepCup, who have used their barista experience to design and create the worlds first barista standard, reusable, takeaway coffee cup. In a variety of colours, sizes and materials such as glass and stainless steel, their most famous cup is made from the equivalent plastic of 20 disposable coffee cups, making it a truly incredible "green" accessory.
The KeepCup is lightweight, unbreakable and dish washer safe. This sustainable product encourages a new way of living that you will actually want to use. Use it everyday at home and when on the go, and remember to take it into your local coffee shop to avoid using a single use cup that's only destined for the bin!

Roo's KeepCup review: 

"I literally use this cup every single day. It's the perfect size, drinks really well and doesn't leak. A must-have for coffee and tea drinkers."
"We've been stocking the KeepCup for 6 years now. It was one of the very first products we fell in love with and a brand we really bought into. Here's some old nostalgic pics of our old shop in Mawgan Porth, snow on the beach here in Porth and one of our very first photoshoots with KeepCup. Love these colours!"

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