Roo from Roo's Beach with DLAM

Bex and I had a fabulous trip to Bruton last week to the visit the FMLY Store for a Styling and Self Photography Masterclass with the very gorgeous Zoe - Dress Like A Mum. Being rather disorganised, always running out of time and rushing around like a nutter and never prepared I have to admit to not really doing my homework on the FMLY Store and it’s totally inspirational founder Molly Gunn, also know as The Selfish Mother.

The FMLY Store, Somerset

What an awesome set up and what a truly wonderful team of women who run this great business.

The #GoodTees that the FMLY Store sell donate £5 for each item sold to a host of charities and when we visited they had reached a current total of nearly £850,000 which I must admit completely blew my mind, what a fantastically positive business and Molly herself looked completely in her element juggling baby Liberty, an Instagram re-launch tomorrow, a self styling session and a thriving business - truly formidable!

DLAM giving Selfie Tips

The morning consisted of delicious coffee, good banter, a really interesting mix of women from many different creative backgrounds and the infectious, positive energy from Zoe and the lovely Penny and Jessica from the FMLY Store. Zoe kept it succinct and to the point her main tips for a good self portrait are as follows:

Roo & DLAM posing for a pic

No one likes having their photo taken (unless you’re a model), so rather than spending the first 10 mins not looking at the camera, complaining, moaning about how awful you look etc - just get on with it and commit!

Following on from Commit - stand tall, it’s so much better for your posture and gives a more confident result. 

Rather than pouting, looking down, looking up with chin protruding (my favourite), covering your face with hair or looking away - just look straight into the camera.

So simple and so true, just smile, as easy as that.

Roo and Bex posing for a photograph at The FMLY Store Self Photography Masterclass

What do you think of Bex’s and my attempt? We started looking away, doing silly poses and procrastinating but in the end the best shot is the one where we just settled down and listened to the Instagram guru herself.

Roo & Bex at the Styling and Self Photography Masterclass at the FMLY Store

Bex is wearing: Wild Is The Wind Black Trouser Pant by Free People & Vans classic slip on checkerboard shoes.

Roo is wearing: Levi's 90's Baggy Real World Denim Jeans & Free People Pandora's Boatneck black jumper and Vans  Footwear.

March 14, 2018 — Catherine Murray