I Dream of Green (Juice!)

Roo's I Dream of Green Juice

Following on from my recent article in Cornwall Today, I thought I should put my money where my mouth is and give you the best bit of green there is - The Roo Juice! 

Last summer my cousin’s very gorgeous daughter, Milly, came to stay with us for two weeks. She is a Vegan which is totally out of my comfort zone and, frankly, it terrified me!

I was raised by a meat loving professional cook and embrace everything there is to love about being a meat eater. We are a huge foodie family and the whole cooking, eating and socialising thing is what we do. So to be faced with two weeks trying to squeeze in a Vegan diet posed a challenge, to say the least, and required some serious thought and effort…

On Milly’s first night I managed to rustle up a delicious meal of stuffed Mediterranean vegetables which went down well, was devoured by all and, with no mention of, “Where’s the meat, Mum?” day one was complete. Only another thirteen to go!

Then the next morning I woke up to find Milly busily preparing ingredients for a green juice... Up until that moment I’d never really seen the point of subjecting oneself to a litre of the bright green juice of a morning. What’s wrong with good old fashioned bacon and eggs?!

However, as soon as I tried it and saw how easy and quick it was to prepare, I was a convert. Now, only a few months later, I won’t have anything else! I just love that smug little feeling it gives me to kick the day off with something so earnestly healthy. Another plus is it only leaves one thing to wash up – the container!

I Dream of Green (Juice) recipe ingredients

• A hand full of frozen Kale (I freeze my Kale as it stops it going soggy in the fridge and also makes the juice really cold!).

• 1 large orange

• 1 Lime

• 1 slice of ginger

• Half a green apple

• 1 stick of celery (more calories burned to eat than it’s worth!)

• 1 sprig of fresh mint

• 500ml coconut water (approx)


1. Slice the skin off the orange and lime, cut into two and pop them into a blender with the kale. I use a Nutribullet but there are lots of other blenders out there that will do just as good a job.

2. Halve the apple. Remove the core but keep the skin on for extra roughage!

3. Then in goes the ginger and mint.

Roo's making her Green Juice Recipe

4. Roughly chop the celery and top it up to the maximum line with coconut water. Easy as that!

5. Blitz until it’s as smooth as it can be. You can even add a couple of ice cubes for some extra coldness!

If you fancy varying it a bit, you can always add a slice of frozen courgette or even a bit of avocado.

This gorgeous cup of juicy goodness not only keeps me going till lunchtime, it gives me a morning boost and definitely makes me feel like I must have ticked off all my daily vitamins in one hit! Try it. Trust me, you’ll never look back, and with green being this season's go-to colour, you can’t really go wrong!

Roo enjoying her green juice recipe

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