Introducing L.F. Markey - A New Brand For Roo's Beach

Founded by Australian born Louise Markey, a former Namesake and ex-Burberry designer, L. F. Markey is a collection of modern, feminine women’s clothing, inspired by workwear and utility. Roo’s Beach are so very proud to announce that we are now stocking this amazing brand and we are the only ones to do so in the South-West of England. Go us! 
Renowned for their contemporary variations of workwear staple pieces, including signature boilersuits, over-sized knits, dungarees, work trousers and bags, Roo and Bex had plenty to choose from on their buying trip earlier this year.
Roo remarks - "Focussing on the shapes of the garments that L.F. Markey offer, they just seem to hit the nail on the head. Everything sits so nicely on the body in a real laid back yet smart feminine way."        
You may have noticed Roo wearing the short sleeved Danny Boilersuit from L.F. Markey last year at our SS19 fashion show, a style that’s carrying over to AW19 in a darker denim and also offered in a long sleeve, black cotton version. 

History Of The Boilersuit

The ‘Boilersuit’ was originally designed in 1940’s as utilitarian workwear, a wartime staple that was easy to throw on when the air-raid warning sounded, unisex and all-encompassing making everyone visibly part of the war effort.  It had its first proper foray into fashion in the 1970’s famously worn by David Bowie, Lou Reed and numerous other musical heros, wartime cast offs were hunted down from charity shops and thrift stores and re-modelled for fashion.
“The Danny Boilersuit is amazing, I’m completely in love with it. It fits perfectly, I feel a million dollars, I look like I’ve just stepped off the set of Charlie’s Angels and I’m ready to go out in 2 minutes, so no more decisions are needed, the boilersuit for me is a winner!” - Roo.

Love what you see? Shop the full collection HERE. New items are always being added, so keep your eyes peeled!  

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