Introducing Ottod’Ame clothing. Available from Roo's Beach UK

Established in Florence in 2003, Italian brand ottod’Ame embodies the chic, eclectic spirit of a carefree woman. In fact, a team of eight women share the vision of the founding designer, Silvia Mazzoli, to develop and create the two different collections that are produced by the brand each year.

Designed and crafted in Italy, ottod’Ame proudly oversees the production of its garments in Tuscany. This ensures that the numerous production processes undertaken from sewing, to dyeing to labelling, all have personalised touches.

Ottod’Ame clothing available from Roo's Beach UK

A key feature of the brand is its considered use of natural materials such as silk, wool, cotton, or lace and above all, it’s experimentation with mixing fabrics, for distinctive luxe finishes.

Ottod’Ame clothing available from Roo's Beach UK 

The ottod’Ame woman is ageless. Dandy, rock n'roll, romantic, feisty, sporty and glamorous, she is natural and instinctive. Whatever your style, this dynamic brand strives to reinvent the female wardrobe. Creating a distinctive look based on attention to detail, that thrives on research in materials, ottod’Ame’s clothing showcases the myriad variations of female style.

Featuring cool metallics, vivid florals and classic checks, shop the ottod’Ame collection

September 15, 2017 — Catherine Murray