Know What To Throw

Fast looming is that time of year to start thinking about a good old-fashioned sort through. Out with the old, in with the new and all that. Spring has nearly sprung, and room needs to be made in that all-too cluttered wardrobe, but how do decide whats a keeper, and whats not? Theres a dilemma right there!

Kwow what to throw

So Ive got a couple of simple tips to help ease the pain, not that I always get it right! I still feel slightly sick when I think about that Diesel Leopard Print Fur coat with the ORANGE satin lining that I took to the charity shop at least ten years ago. Why did I do that? I have no idea, and have regretted it numerous times since!  

One of the main issues these days is it’s no longer about what’s ‘fashionable’ and what’s not. Some seemingly deeply ‘unfashionable’ item one minute can become next year’s must-have. Then there are those pieces that are clearly and unquestionably timeless with the ability to glide with ease through decade after decade, like the Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket. This piece transcends all and is a lifelong staple! And of course, there are always the old favourites that simply have to stay because you’ve invested way too much in them to get rid! 

Levi's Vintage Sherpa Denim Trucker Jacket

When faced with a throw or not to throw, sometimes it really is as simple as, I know I will never ever fit into that again no matter how much celery I eat. I got rid of a load of short t-shirts recently and felt a lot better for it! Its quite an easy one this one. Pick up the piece in question and, if what was once a rather splendid sleek-fitting pencil skirt is now impossible to walk in, out it goes. Hips grow. Fact. There is, however, a very important point to be made here - Im not really saying get rid, Im saying REPLACE. Replace said item with something new and exciting. Something that youll feel great in!

Now we come to my golden rule and probably my best tip: Try to imagine yourself wearing the piece in question. Literally, picture the scene and put yourself in it. The dinner party. The shopping trip. The casual date.  Sunbathing on the beach. Whatever it is, picture it, and if that picture remains nothing more than an out-of-focus photograph with your face barely visible, you know its a no. 

Apply these little simple tips and youll soon know what to throw! Then, with all that space youll have, its time to go shopping again. Yay!

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