Let Some Sparkle In | Cornwall Today Dec 19

On this week's blog, Roo tells us about her love for Strictly Come Dancing, taking inspiration from the dancer's glitz and glamour style and how to add that touch of sparkle to your wardrobe for the festive season.
Roo - "I, like a large chunk of the British population, am completely obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing. Now there’s a strong opening statement! But it’s true, I just love it! I love everything about it, it’s two hours of indulgent, glittery filled, positivity to sit and immerse myself in fully on a Saturday night. There’s a wonderful energy which explodes the moment the music starts and from that point on it’s a visual spectacle. The talent of the professional dancers is mind blowing and then you have the week by week improvement of their ‘celebrity’ partners (I say that with a pinch of salt as I never know who most of them are). However their journey is fascinating and their passion for it infectious."
Penelope Chilvers Almendra Snake Silver Boots

"Let’s take a moment to talk about the costumes, I’d give anything to wear some of those outfits every week. So imaginative and creative, so sexy and empowering. Who doesn’t want to sashay around in feathers and sequins, fishnets and heels, with hair and make up done for you and a permanent tan. It’s a visual extravaganza and there’s lots to be learned from it. The positivity, the support they all give to each other and the fun all contribute to its overwhelming success as a programme and a form of escapism from the hum drum of everyday life."

Betta wears the Mads Nørgaard Mega Glitter Drasmilla Hot Purple Dress with the Bellerose Hanks Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat and VEJA V-10 Leather Extra White Dried-Petal Trainers
"The icing on the cake for me is of course Tess and Claudia, what totally marvellous specimen’s of women they are! Their joy at presenting such a wonderful show radiates. Imagine being able to wear those sequin suits, long metallic dresses, leopard print gowns and shimmery mini dresses week after week; dream job."
Betta wears the Free People Black Velvet Mini Dress with the Penelope Chilvers Almendra Snake Silver Boots
"As the festive season races towards us I think we should all channel a little bit of Strictly glamour. Be brave and have some fun, inject some sparkle into your lives.  Of course I know there’s not always the occasion to wear head-to-toe sequins sadly, however we can still wear accents of sparkle to brighten up an old outfit.  Whether it’s a bold pair of sequin trousers paired with a simple black camisole, your favourite black jeans with a gorgeous gold jacket or a fabulous purple glittery dress paired with silver boots. You can do it!"
Betta wears the Free People Gold Rush Lilac Sequin Mini Dress with the Penelope Chilvers Almendra Snake Silver Boots
"Christmas only happens once a year and it’s the perfect excuse to get glammed up and shine. Don’t let it pass you by without a little sparkle as it may be another twelve months until you’re brave enough to go there again.  Wishing you a wonderful festive time, thank you for reading and I’ll see you in 2020 x" 

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