Making The Mundane Marvellous

Roo - "Over the years since I started Roo’s Beach I’ve come across so many incredible brands which we’ve added to our collection, brands which enhance my daily life through their brilliant and often very simple design, use of colour and practicality. Items which we all use everyday and could be viewed as dull or boring have been elevated into a thing of beauty in all of these cases. We celebrate these brands under the new category ‘Making the Mundane Marvellous’ because that’s exactly what they do!
Drinking water, taking coffee to work, weekly supermarket shopping to name a few fairly boring, mundane tasks, become more pleasurable simply through the use of these brands who not only bring a smile to our day-to-day lives, but strive to make the world and our planet a better place in doing so.”
First up -  Chilly’s! Single use is no use… that’s why we love these eco bottles, keeping drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12! Available in a gorgeous array of colours, and just landed is our pastel range, what's not to love?
Become an eco-warrior! Yes you! Ditch single use plastic bags and go Baggu all the way! Designed to hold 2-3 plastic groceries bag worth of stuff, keep one in your bag or pocket to help you cart around your everyday essentials 💪 
We just love them, and have so many colours and patterns to choose from!
   Next up - Dopper, and we're back to talking about hydration! However, whether it be gin or water, make sure your handy bottle and cup combo is close at hand this summer. 
          Re-creating classic styles from the 60s, 70s and 80s, British brand Sun Jellies create vintage style plastic shoppers, totes and baskets that will give you flash back of your youth. Made from colourful recycled plastic, these versatile bags are ideal for a trip to the shops or a beach day.
  Last but not least. fighting for the reuse revolution is our favourite eco find - KeepCup, who have used their barista experience to design and create the worlds first barista standard, reusable, takeaway coffee cup. In a variety of colours, sizes and materials such as glass and stainless steel, their most famous cup is made from the equivalent plastic of 20 disposable coffee cups, making it a truly incredible "green" accessory.

Roo's KeepCup review: 

Roo - "I literally use this cup every single day. It's the perfect size, drinks really well and doesn't leak. A must-have for coffee and tea drinkers. We've been stocking the KeepCup for 6 years now. It was one of the very first products we fell in love with and a brand we really bought into. Here's some old nostalgic pics of our old shop in Mawgan Porth, snow on the beach here in Porth. Love these colours!"


Want to browse our full 'Making The Mundane Marvellous' Collection? CLICK HERE and enjoy... start your sustainable journey today!

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