Our Exclusive Fashion Feast Cocktail…

An exclusive Roo Collins Cocktail recipe from Bedruthan

It’s just over a week to go till the fabulous Roo’s Beach Fashion Feast at Bedruthan! Exciting! If you haven’t got your tickets yet - you can get some here. The best news is that our friends at Bedruthan have only gone and created us our very own cocktail for the special occasion, aptly named - The Roo Collins! It’s a fresh and zesty take on the classic Tom Collins, and obviously had to include a decent helping of Roo’s favourite - gin! 

So we were invited to The Bedruthan to try a little sample of the cocktail, just to make sure it’s up to scratch you understand. It’s a hard life!

George, their in-house mixologist, took inspiration from the Roo’s Beach colours to create this delicious combination of flavours that not only looks out of this world, it tastes incredible.

Here's what you need:
37.5ml Portobello Road Gin
25ml Fresh Celery Juice
50ml Cloudy Apple Juice
15ml Lemongrass, Chilli, Ginger & Lime Syrup
15ml Lemon Juice

And here's how to do it just like George:
1. Pop the gin (don’t feel restricted by the 37.5ml on this one!) into a cocktail shaker along with the fresh celery juice, cloudy apple juice, homemade syrup and a squeeze of lemon juice.

2. Top with ice, and shake it up.

Roo Collins Cocktail

3. Then simply strain over ice into a tall glass, garnish with a rose petal or two (if you have some lying around!), and enjoy!!


An exclusive Roo Collins Cocktail recipe from Bedruthan

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An exclusive Roo Collins Cocktail recipe from Bedruthan

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