Q&A with Lucy Cardwell, founder of Lucky Cloud Skincare | Shop online at Roo's Beach UK

100% vegan, Lucky Cloud is a natural skin care company based in Edinburgh Scotland. All of their luxe feeling body milks, balms and butters are lovingly handmade in small batches, using high quality raw materials which are all plant based to create moisture rich, nourishing and soothing products for your skin. A new brand to Roo’s Beach, we caught up with founder Lucy Cardwell for a quick Q&A session to learn a bit more about what motivates and inspires her. 

Can you tell us a little bit about Lucky Cloud?

I founded Lucky Cloud Skincare in 2015; which is a brand of luxurious botanical skincare for people with dry, damaged and sensitive skin. Vegan friendly and made by hand in small batches I use quality raw ingredients to create moisture rich, nourishing and soothing products. Each product is formulated in house using natural, ethically sourced ingredients so we can offer you effective skincare that’s easy to use and good for your mind, body and soul… and the environment too of course! The range includes body moisturisers, lip balms and an incredibly popular new face care collection all of which are free from parabens, formaldehydes, SLS, mineral oils, animal ingredients and animal testing.

What’s the inspiration behind Lucky Cloud?
Lucky Cloud Skincare was born out of my own issues with sensitive and dry skin. I’d suffered from skin conditions like dermatitis from a young age and was quite reliant on steroid ointments. Because of this I’ve always had an interest in skincare and skin health, but never really understood it. Until that is, I started researching ingredients and developing products for LCS.

Q&A with Lucy Cardwell, founder of Lucky Cloud Skincare | Shop online at Roo's Beach UK

Why do you think people should use plant based products?
I guess the simple straightforward answer is that there are so many amazing ingredients all derived from nature and plants! The power of plants is pretty incredible and I’ve always been drawn to much more natural and holistic remedies. I never had any desire to create skincare for the sake of creating skincare. It’s always been about finding amazing raw ingredients that actually help your skin. Yeah, it costs a bit more, but once you use quality, it’s difficult to go back to just quantity… you know? Plants are also incredibly accessible – vegan skincare isn’t just for vegans. Everyone can and should benefit from their healing power.

What’s your most cherished Lucky Cloud Product & why?
Ohhhh, that’s such difficult question to answer! Buuut, I do love my Super Balms – they’re kind of like magic to make. They change so much during the process. Melting the solid ingredients with the oils and extracts, they become either a golden yellow or dark orange. Then as the mixture cools they change colour again until they’re the lovely soft pastels you see in the jars. Plus they’re so multi-purpose; which is really exciting that one product can be used in so many varied ways!

Q&A with Lucy Cardwell, founder of Lucky Cloud Skincare | Shop online at Roo's Beach UK

What do you most enjoy about your job?
I love the flexibility I have running my own business; and being able to be creative while also having to stay organised and structured at the same time really plays to my strengths… I love to experiment and play with new ingredients and formulations, but keep everything organised in folders, spreadsheets etc. I’m such a nerd…

Lucky Cloud Skincare | Shop online at Roo's Beach UK

June 05, 2018 — Catherine Murray